‘ The neighbours then contacted the owner of my rent. I had a conversation with the owner.

The first thing she said to me was: ‘ Meri, I think second that I have approved you to rent this House. ‘ She asked me if I would consider leaving the house and not hiring her, ‘ Brown revealed in the interview while her sister wives and their husband, Kody Brown, joined.

‘ Well, we told her everything, we made everything known, ‘ had Kody added.

‘ I was completely open with her. They placed it in the contract, in the lease. She knows that we are a multiple family, and she knows we’re going to be filmed in the house, ‘ said Meri.

“So she wants you to leave. She wants you to come out, “said Christine Brown ingeloer.

“At the end of the conversation, you know, she was just like ‘ I have to consider it again. I must consider whether I want you to keep hiring me “, ” added Meri Brown.

‘ But it’s not up to her, ‘ Kody said, ‘ because the contract is actually on you and me. ‘

Meri concludes the cut by thinking what she needs to do.

“If I walk away, what does it say about me? To be a chicken? Is it like to let them win? Because of their bullying? For that is what it is; They boel me, bully the owner’s kicking me out, because they don’t like who I am without knowing me first, “Meri said. If I’m hollow and I let me bully out of the house, then win them. ‘