Sister Wives Meri Brown Says She Was Bullied By Neighbors

Meri Brown melted as she spoke about the effects of her polygonal family in a preview of tonight’s Season 9 Sister Wives-Premiere.

She claimed that neighbours in Arizona had her ‘ bullied ‘ to move!

Like Us Weekly exclusively reported, Meri became emotionally during the discussion of the possibility of being beaten out of her rental house because of her plural family.

‘ The neighbours contacted the owner of my rent. I had a conversation with the owner. The first thing she said to me was: ‘ Meri, I think second that I have approved you to rent the house, ‘ ‘ Tell Meri to the man Kody Brown and the Women Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown.

‘ She asked me if I would consider leaving the house and not hiring her. ‘

Kody (50) replied: ‘ We told her all. We’ve made everything known. ”

Meri (48) said she told the homeowner of the Poligamiesituasie.

‘ I was like I was completely open with her, ‘ she says on camera. ‘ They placed it in the contract-in the lease. She knows we’re a plural family. She knows we are going to be filmed in the house. ”

But Meri added: ‘ At the end of the conversation she was just like: ‘ I have to consider it again. I have to consider if I want to continue hiring me. ‘”

Kody stated that the decision to evacuate the property is not the owner, but him and Meri.

She said: ‘ If I walk away, what then does it say about me? To be just a chicken? Is it like to let them win? Because of their bullying? Because that’s what it is. They boel me. They bully the owner to kick me out, because they don’t like who I am without knowing me first. If I’m hollow and I let me bully out of the house, then win them. ”

On season 9 of the TLC realisation programme, the Browns will adapt after their moving towards Flagstaff, Arizona.

In addition to their home crisis, fans will see that Meri and Kody discuss their krygsprobleme in therapy.

Kody’s women Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn became increasingly tense.

After Kody was at the ‘ favorite ‘ woman, Robyn’s house almost a week and saw only two of his women on Mother’s Day, the first wife Meri had unleashed with a cryptic social media post about ‘ selfish ‘ women!

Kody has actually divorced in 2014 van Meri to marry Robyn-and to adopt Robyn’s children from a previous marriage.

Although Kody Robyn regarded as his “fourth ” wife, he never married his so-called spouses, Janelle and Christine.

Unfortunately, Meri, his first wife, caught on the internet and searched for someone she believed to be a man-just to find out later that it was a woman named Jackie Overton that tricked her in a relationship of six months.