Netflix faces the biggest challenge this year, since he started the way to global rapids, with a prediction that he can lose 16 million subscribers on Kontantryke competitors under the guidance of Disney.

This year is the beginning of a global circuit battle, with the greatest threat to Netflix by Disney, which supported the US launch of his Disney + service in November last year with the debut of the $100 million Star Wars-Turn-TV series, the Mandalorian, seen as the biggest threat to the dominance of Netflix.

Disney +, who received a wave of free worldwide publicity thanks to the Baby Yoda sensation of the Mandalorian, he collected 10 million subscriptions on the first day.

Analysts say Disney +, introduced on 31 March in the United Kingdom and Europe, will place the global brakes on the relentless growth of Netflix.

Sarandos spoke while Netflix grabbed the top nominations for TV and film at the Golden Globes. The California-based TV series, including The Crown and Unbelievable, will probably fare well during Sunday’s ceremony, while movies with the Irishman and Marriage Story are favourites at the Globes and the next month’s Oscars.

The two films are among the precursors for the Oscar award for the best photo, which Netflix would be the first.

Sarandos said: “You have seen how we build our original filminiative, both that are in the volume of the movies, but more importantly, the quality of the movies that come out, therefore: more to come-much more to come. “

Nevertheless, many consider this year as a high watermark for the firm. Daniel Ives, managing director of equity investigation at the investment firm Wedbush in California, says the rapids will result in clear winners and losers this year. “We believe that 10% of the 160 million subscribers of Netflix worldwide are at risk of battling the Disney current service and increasing competition in 2020.”

Wedbush shows on Disney’s powerful combination of Crown Jubedcontent-from the Marvel-superhero universe of movies and TV-discounted products to Pixar films such as Toy Story 4, family money such as Frozen 2 and TV series, including Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy-and many Competitive price. In the US, Disney + almost half the cost of Netflix’s most popular level, $6.99 per month compared to $12.99, and in the UK it is probably a few pounds cheaper, at about £5.99, compared to Netflix’s most popular standard. Package at £8.99.

The increasingly pressure world market for streaming also includes Apple TV +, which in 100 countries launched in November, at a lower price of £4.99, and in April will reveal Sky’s owner, Comcast, the Peacock Rapids Service, which again is a major Netflix hit, the American Version of The Office. It also owns the university Filmateljee behind the Jurassic Park and Fast and the Furious-franchises.

On New Year, Netflix’s 60 million subscribers in the USA, the greatest market, woke up to find that backup, among the rapids most selected TV series, has disappeared from the service worldwide. WarnerMedia, the owner of the Filmateljee behind Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, the DC Comics-universum, including Batman and Superman, have been slapped. The HBO shows of Game of Thrones to Big Little Lies are ahead. His Netflix competitor HBO Max in May

‘ Originally looks at 200 million Netflix subscribers at the end 2020 well, but now the aggressive price fixing of Disney and Apple is coupled with massive customers sign-ups [since the launch] this is a very difficult path, “says Ives. We believe that [the target] will be moved out to 2021 with Disney and Apple, as well as that Peacock and HBO Max will start in the spring. “

Disney + is expected to achieve 50 million subscriptions by the end of this year, a mix of paying users and millions who enjoy a year for free the service through an agreement with the telecommunication operator Verizon. The company is expected to break its own internal projection before the start of 60 million to 90 million international subscribers at 2024 by as much as two years.

Netflix is intended to significantly increase its annual content budget of $15 billion to face the threat, and prepares him for years for the struggle by increasingly investing in its own movies and TV series to the effect of competitors, such as Disney content For their new services. .

“Netflix has by far the strongest catalogue, in America it has ten times the number of titles of Disney, and there’s just so many Mandaloriërs who have Disney at his disposal,” says Richard Broughton, an analyst at Ampere. ‘ As more high-profile-licensed content from Netflix comes, it will be a real test to see if the originals are strong enough to have a large number of subscribers to move worldwide. I think there’s room for a third player like Disney to participate in Netflix and Amazon at the top of worldwide streaming, but I’m not sure if there’s enough room for someone else. ”