A brand new show on Dracula hit Netflix on 4 January and it was a beautiful, intense new series with some amazing actors that delivered a new twist on the Vampirism story.

One of the actors who had turned a lot of heads was Dolly Wells, who had called a non-loved one who named Jonathan Harker as Sister Agatha.

That’s what you need to know about Dolly Wells.

Sister Agatha on Dracula

Sister Agatha on Dracula: Who is Dolly Wells, the snarky nun on Netflix series?

The Netflix series Dracula is set up in two different time frames. The first was when Jonathan Harer Grapher Dracula visited his castle. However, the story was told in today’s time when a withered and debilitated Jonathan told his story to a few nuns.

She delivers a lot of remarks to show that she is not a typical nun. She said God is not there to help anyone. She said faith is for weak children. She said enough to show that she is complicated and pessimistic.

She referred to herself as someone in an ungrateful marriage just to have a roof over her head in the monastery.

When Jonathan completed his fantastic story, Sister Abigail was there to stand at the gates of the monastery, staring at Dracula, mocking him, pressing on his buttons and showing no fear.

Sister Abigail is the coolest non in the history of movies.

Who is Dolly Wells?

Dolly Wells had a star at Dracula as Sister Abigail, and although she spent almost the whole premiere episode, except with her face covered, she was perhaps a pair of well-known TV fans.

Wells is a British actor from London acting since 1997.

She was interpreted with Emily Mortimer along with the 2014 series of Doll & Em. She also appeared in some American series, where some American viewers might remember her, including the episode Woman in the Wall in HBO’s Room 104, as well as on the IFC-sketch comedy list of the Portlandia.

After Netflix’s Dracula, expect fans to see much more of Dolly Wells.

Dracula is currently streaming on Netflix.