John Heffernan on Dracula

Jonathan Harker is that most important blow sacrifice in byna all the matchof Dracula. This is no different in that nuwe Netflix co-produksie with that BBC nie.

On that Netflix match, that story of Dracula door Harker is told, at least until that end of that first episode, where everything goes off that track that best way.

Here’s what you need to know ear Jonathan Harker on Netflix se Dracula, and John Heffernan, who akteur play some hom.

Jonathan Harker on Dracula

Jonathan Harker on that Netflix match of Dracula starts deep as what hy in that classic movie Horror do it. Hy is a lawyer who helps Count Dracula fall just below sy game.

When he meets Dracula, the vampire is an old man, weak, but still quick and wise. By the time Dracula battle and kill as many people in England, it is Jonathan who is “drained ” and weakened.

That story of Dracula, sy magte and what hy regtig, was to tell Harker hy tip lick in a monastery escapes and restore it.

Teen here die tyd was that jumping and cornering Harker a cap of a man, siek and swak and duidelik by that dead door.

This was an impressive display door that deed John Heffernan.

Who’s John Heffernan?

John Heffernan is a British teater and skermakteur some saam with that Royal Shakespeare Company and that National Theatre touring it and also on a large number of sought after British television programme it skyns it.

Hy the baie one-off resignations on outers sought-after shows, soos ‘a 2014 episode of Outlander, 2014 episode of Ripper Street, 2015 episodes of Luther, and that 2017 episode of The Crown.

Hy it played a solid bigger role on that BBC adaptation of Susanna Clarke se Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell as Henry Lascelles. Hy it also in 13 episodes of Dickensian as Jaggers verskyn and four episodes of that riller 2018, Collateral, as Sam Spence.

Dracula’s power on Netflix.