In Dracula, of Helsing is an avid vampirism hunter, a long time of the terrifying score… And also a slightly holy nun.

This is at least the version of the character we see in the new BBC and Netflix version, as played by the actress Dolly Wells.

If we are first introduced to Sister Agatha (who is called Abraham in the Bram Stoker novel), she is a nun who interviewed Jonathan Harker (John heffy) after looking for a sanctuary in her monastery.

Harker, who is perplexed, and possibly dead, tells the hearing and stories of his life since he met Grapher Dracula (Claes Bang) in the first half of Episode 1 of Dracula.

It is, however, only at the end of the episode that we learn that Agatha is of Helsing, described in the novel by Mina Harker as a man of medium height, strong building, with his shoulders being put backwards over a broad, deep chest and a neck that is well balanced on the Trunk as the head is on the neck. ‘

Fans of the novel of 1897 also remember a sister Agatha, as the non-looking after Jonathan’s encounter with Dracula, described by Mina in the novel as a ‘ good being and a born nurse ‘.

In the premiere of Dracula, who was attended by Newsweek, Steven Moffat, the co-leading series, revealed that the character simply began as the sister Agatha from the book, and became only of helsings when they started the role of the character. Widened.

He said: ‘ She has a small role in the book — she now has a much better agent! We tried to figure out how to write these scenes and make them interesting, because there is a dead man talking to a nun. It is not potentially so voought.

‘ So we came up with the idea of a atheistic nun, we just called her ‘ atheist non ‘, the non really believe in something and made many jokes, and that character immediately jumps to the top of the script. You just thought, ‘ My God, it’s wonderful. ‘

‘ And very quickly, we thought: ‘ It’s from Helsing, it’s not, we need no one, we need only the nun. Then you just think, ‘ nuns are more or less dressed in the superhero outfit for the fight against vampires? Why did Bram not think of the one?! ‘

When Dolly Wells had been brought to the ‘ atheist non ‘ for the first time, she had no idea the character of Helsing. She said: ‘ I did not know at the beginning. I just knew she was a mad cool woman, the cutest woman I had read on the page, but I didn’t know she was from Helsing.

I just knew that I really wanted to be her. Like me, she’s a little Dutch, and I’m after a Kloof school and wanted to be a nun until the age of 12. “

Dracula current now on Netflix.