It was revealed that Mark Hamill interpreted a secret second role in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Despite the fact that he ended at The Last Jedi, Hamill appeared in the latest instalment as Luke Ghost Ghost Ghost and gave advice to Rey (Daisy Ridley) before her dramatic action with the Emperor Palpatine.

But it was now revealed that Hamill’s voice talents was also used at the beginning of the film, where he voiced the alien Boolio that gave secret information to the Resistance before he paid with his life.

In the official credits of the film, Boolio’s voice artist is listed as ‘ Patrick Williams ‘, an alias that Hamill previously used.

Earlier, he said to CinemaBlend: “And if I have had invoice, I have in the past used an alias of my brothers ‘ names, and I call myself Patrick Williams. “

Yesterday, Star Wars-fans were calling on Disney to release a rumors JJ Abrams-cut from The Rise or Skywalker.

Many followers have taken to Twitter to claim that the film would be original for three hours and that there were different scenes and characters from the film.

A supporter skryf: “Wag, ek sien/read that The Rise of Skywalker was supposed to be three hours lank and that those Force Ghosts Anakin, Obi-Wan, Luke and company saam with Rey sou verskyn? Ek moet hier die snit so gou moontlik sien! “

Meanwhile, the Ian McDiarmid, which played that keiser Palpatine in Star Wars , gesê that that skepper George Lucas never sy character from that death sou brought back the nie.