Villain became the hero Jeevan of Thiruttu Payale, and nto Avanillai–fame that was on Sabbath day is back with a bang. The cunning actor was pent-up for a GRU-Riller with the title Pambattham in Tamil, made in five languages, including Hindi.

Vadivudayan regiendorsed The film, which has five different heroines from the respective languages, such as the female lead role. Vadivudayan spoke to D.C., saying: ‘ I made the script so that it is a hard horror. The story has an excellent Indian attraction and will join all kinds of audiences. So I filmed it in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. ”


When he arrived in Jeevan, he says: ‘ This is the first horror film of Jeevan, and I felt that this would give a new appeal. When I told the whole script, he was very impressed and she nodded. I plan to fit in his popular faces out of every language. The film is included in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Heavy graphics work is involved in the film and there are discussions with a top-CG enterprise to ensure quality products. ”

The film is produced by V.Palanivel and has dialogues by Pa Raghavan and music by Amrish.