The rate of the Vikings season 6, Aflevering 5, has slowed considerably, but that does not mean that the revelations were less shocking.

If you watch Vikings online, you know that the puzzle pieces have moved to prepare for the successive conclusion of the display, and that “The Key ” Have sent things in another direction successfully.

The outcome of the election to the ruler over Norway is still in sitting, but now we know that Bjorn has two of the four voices, meaning that a victory is probable.

The Election - Vikings

King Olaf was a surprise, especially because he chose Bjorn. Olaf is the Mad king of the narration, and he always has another trick in his sleeve.

For this reason it was difficult not to expect that someone Bjorn would arise and be murdered during the election. It can still happen, especially after King Olaf’s response to Harald’s voice for Bjorn.

Bjorn Contemplates - Vikings Season 6 Episode 3

It is unclear what one of these men will do with the power, but the question remains whether these once-warring powers can make decisions that extend to everyone’s advantage.

They all spent so much time together that it is difficult to suggest that there is tranquility with only one person who reigns.

This is another direction to take things in, but maybe this can be the thing that the people of Norway help to thrive until the future, until the vervolgreeks is underway.

For now, Bjorn is in demand of many people, including his latest love interest. The woman waiting for him at the Doles was not a surprise. She unveiled her intentions early in the season 6 of the Vikings, and in typical way she thinks that she will be the solution to his roving eyes.

A Big Return? - Vikings Season 6 Episode 5

Torvi knows firsthand how it is to try to love Björn. Every time she thinks that their relationship was in a good place, Bjorn would return from an expedition and be further away from her than ever.

Or Torvi for Gunnhild The truth will say, is someone’s guess, but the truth will still last long before the new woman continues in the life of Bjorn in places where he is supposed to be.

Gunnhild arriving at the town was the fresh air that Lagertha needed after the great death. Now that Gunnhild knows everything about the bandits, she will be able to help the involved to eradicate a serious punishment.

Sadly, Bjorn, Ubbe and Torvi are still unaware of death, because by the time Lagertha and Gunnhild are sad, it will start again as soon as the word spreads.

ghosts from Vikings‘ past that call to us

‘ Your strength lies in your standing. ‘

‘ The key ‘ is concluded with a most extravagant ceremony where King Olaf’s plan for a free and just election of the one true king of the entire Norway starts on a sircular platform, where each participatory regional home, Jarl and other ruler Collect gloomy on a throne sitting under a color-coded banner. The ever-rising OLAF addresses the dream of a ‘ King of Kings ‘ to unite his people, as well as the rules for the electoral system that he has devised, and the ever-thriving OLAF addresses the Vergaderde kings and ordinary people in boats and on the banks. And explain. And explain. Different colored floating signs must be dumped in a central well on the platform. The resulting ballot will (in the least of Olaf) to unify the unopposed ruler and unite the broken Norwegian areas and peoples in defense of foreign enemies, all employed by the greater good.

It is interesting enough, because the plan of OLAF still remains lying to a kind of messianic mission to prevent the inevitable end of the old ways, even if the obvious conspiracy of Harald and Kjetill a representation of the old, sloppy Harald Finehair scheme. (Once again, we need to get the Floki that is still absent, on this storyline, and soon.) But the buildup and the payout here place me on a new meeting that took place long ago, the contrast in the settings of the story that weakened the latest chapter. In contrast, Olaf ‘ The saga of our country ‘ goes out. Just a small detail-the ceremonial splash of the participants with faces with blood-let the equation be compared with the offering meeting on Uppsala, back in the season of a ‘ Offer’as Bjorn, Harald and all the other leaders themselves to a brush bloody Application subject, just like Ragnar, Athelstan and Lagertha. At the time, the Vikings ‘ instincts had to allow us to meet the rituals and actions of this alien-to-our-culture with a lively lack of hand holding. We knew the very bones of what we saw (the Norwegian journey every nine years to the holy place to honor the gods with sacrifice), while we both hide the right drama that lurks on the trip (Ragnar’s plan to present the monk and the friend Athelstan) a s sacrifice), and most exciting, Ragnar’s true motivations for what he ultimately chooses not to. At the end, Athelstan lives, and he is just as confused why we are also. Initially, a concept of the real-day of his milieu was in the ambiguity.

Here, with Olaf setting out the rules, as he set up a board game (signs and all), the game and the stairs are laid out in the right way on the game board. Of course, Harald is planning something for the next time, but since the rhythms of the composite musicians literally try to dry up tension, Vikings forgot that the main draws of Vikings have always been that we do not know the world’s rules. Not really. Michael Hirst is still busy with the match, but six seasons after that he was anything but late which made it special in the first place.

Instead we get intrigues and twists, and many of both. Ivar frees the muticts and prisoner from his coop with the help of Igor (and the old “naked lady to lead the Watchmen’s attention”), just to become bruised that the angry och’s new bride is a deathblow to his late (as in murdered by Ivar) Queen , Freydis. (The suspect och of Danila Kozlovsky keeps picking out the ominous surprises. Here, Ivar and Igor provide a meal that is hidden by some ministry principals with a skull size with the cutoff, tortured heads of the double Guards.) This whole rest story has its beak-och is a one-dimensional charismatic bathing the, and the change in colors of the terrestrial colors from Norway to the Robyn and gold of the rest provides an excellent visual contrast. But, while Ivar confronts the enigmatic Cagy lookalike Princess Katia in confusing awe, the whole mystery clapping very hard to turn. No Offence for Alicia Agneson (who, in fact, played the coursework of the first-time), but if someone who had every downlevering of the beginning to be able to remember why the sudden appearance of Ivar in Hell had made so funny, the more comfortable The viewer is excused to ask what the great thing is.

The intrigues of Ivar (he plans to use Oleg’s help and a few newfound false documents to reclaim at hand) are already enough to be turned into, and this development does nothing but the promise of a relationship that has never fulfilled his promise in the glory Th place. The relationship between Ivar and Igor is better because the clear manipulation of Ivar of the prisoner’s ruler (seen as a puppet of Ivar, added here for more subtle skills), saw their Prankiese band Prikkelend with some of the Hidden and intricate motivations in such shortages elsewhere.

‘Vikings’ Season 6 Episode 5: Fans think King Harald might skew the grand election to beat Bjorn Ironside

Finally, the big day is here. As ordered and ordered by King Olaf the naughty, the Vikings would see that a king was elected for the whole Kingdom of Norway. Never in the history of the Vikings have such an event occurred. After a degree of deliberation with Olaf, the Kings and notches agreed and arrived at King Harald’s kingdom to see the once-off event and bring their voice to their favorite leader and make him the future king of Norway.

It is indeed a great moment for the community, but will it go as it’s planned? While Olaf had already decided to make Bjorn Ironside to the said King, Björn refused to be elected without any competitor. After all, he is a man of principles, just as his father, Ragnar, and wants to be righteous in his performance as the present king of Kattech. So, the election happens.

                            ‘Vikings’ Season 6 Episode 5: Fans think King Harald might skew the grand election to beat Bjorn Ironside

Yet something doesn’t seem good, though. Ketil Flatnose, who is back from Iceland, after the settlement plans remained at the time, joined Bjorn in his attempt to save Harald. But there is more on his agenda than we see. Or so it seems out of its mysterious behavior. On the day of the vote, Ketil and Harald out, as if they would like to indicate something we still have to discover. Meanwhile, fans have their own assumptions.

And we couldn’t agree more. As we had speculated before, we would not be surprised if Harald Finehair is not for Bjorn such a close friend. Just because Bjorn has come to save him from Olaf, it does not really mean that he will forgive his dream of being the King of Norway: something Harald always wanted. And now, as the time arrives, he may draw a stunt that can destroy the election or hinder that Bjorn becomes the leader.

Vikings season 6: Lagertha’s killer revealed

Fans of VIKINGS were on the scoring of their seats, as the last season of the show struck them with a number of heartbreaking deaths, including Bjorn and Torvi’s son Hali. But with Lagertha being revenge, the fans are sure that she will lose her life in the final series. Now one is thinking that they know who will be her killer.

Fans in the Vikings are sure one of the boys of Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel) will be the one that kills Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) in the last season of the History Channel show. There have been many hints that Lagertha will die. But is her killer all unveiled?

Vikings season 6: Lagertha

A supporter dink this sal no one else pointed ashes that skurkagtige Ivar that Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) which kills Lagertha sal, and spekuleer that a true twisted pro forename.

Supporters of that series of sal know that ivar’s supporters were wreaked havoc on her village to get revenge.

Nou dink reddit user mrdlomas dink Ivar sal Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø) manipuleer to kill Lagertha.

“What as Ivar Hvitserk manipulates and hom earpieces to kill her,” hulle begins.

“I could see this happen while in its weakened condition.

‘ I don’t think Hvitserk would do it out of their own free will, and Ivar still wants to kill her clearly, but he knows the risk of doing it yourself. ‘

Could Ivar’s evil ways finally see the end of Lagertha?

The fan also speculated how the villain will manipulate his co-Viking.