The Grudge officially arrives in the theaters the weekend, with the return of the Japanese-inspired horror icon in a brand new adaptation. It is said that the film respects the concepts of both the Japanese film and the American Journal, and there are of course questions around the future of the Grudge before we saw the new movie. For those who have wondered what to expect, the director has opened Nicolas Pesce over the idea of expanding the Grudge and what we can expect to move forward.

When he spoke to the Boo Crew podcast, Pesce offered Grudge fans hope about the potential for more of the vengeful spirit. Pesce explained:

‘ I think the overarching thing is to take it to more places than just Japan and America, and even leave the modern era. ‘ The director added: ‘ This is something for me… It happens forever. It’s just a matter of unveiling when and where it happened. I think there is something gaaphim to go far back and do something less contemporary and see what form this kind of shape has adopted in other forms and elsewhere. ‘

"The Grudge" Stays True to Kayako in New Poster

When it comes to the Grudge, and there are always opportunities to expand the universe given the supernatural nature of it – therefore it is difficult to think that there is no opportunity for Pesce to make his visions a reality. With the ‘ R ‘-written horror film that creeps into theaters within a few days, we will have a better idea of the chance of more Japanese cursing, and you can bet we keep you informed of all things that are grudge. Related.

Do you want to see that the Grudge will expand in the future with more frightful spirits? Sounds below!

Vanessa Decker Talks R-Rated ‘The Grudge’ with Lin Shaye

Listen in the new Year with Sony’s The Grudge, who is cursing the public all over the weekend.

Prior to the release of the film, Vanessa Decker, Bloody Disgusting, sat along with the director Nicolas Pesce, as well as the stars John Cho and Lin Shaye to discuss the new R-rated successor and increase the intensity threshold. ‘ We had a blood and Pousstasie, ‘ joke Shaye.

Pesce also speaks of being able to make a more mature film, while Che has likened horror with comedy.

The Grudge follows a detective (Andrea Riseborough) which investigates a serious suspicious death that arises from one house.

As soon as she enters, the curse knocks on her and leaves not loose…

‘The Grudge’ returns for a spook

If you’ve ever been cherished by the feeling of your own fingers through your hair, then you probably have The Grudge ‘ to resign for it.

The epic horror film – which contains an iconic storttineel, where Sarah Michelle Geller encounter an extra pair of hands on her head, the weekend is back in theaters with a brand new R rating.

The latest delivery of the classic spine over a curse that generates and kills its victims is simply called the Grudge, much like the English-speaking adaptation in 2004 of the Japanese film ‘ Ju-On: The Grudge ‘ from 2002, but this is not exactly a Restart. So, how can it all tune in?


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The original ‘ Grudge ‘ was introduced to American audiences 15 years ago and regulated by Takashi Shimizu in 2004, and interpreted Michelle Gellar as an American nurse in Tokyo, who encounter a mysterious supernatural curse that a person in a Had a powerful rage before he killed them. .

The curse becomes alive if someone dies in the grip of the punishment of anger. The catch? Everyone who has come across the supernatural entity dies, which results in the rebirth of the curse and creates an endless lust of horror.

There were two English successors of The Grudge, but it did not risk as well, and ‘ The Grudge 3 ‘ was a direct-to-video version.

But the writer Jeff Buhler said the new film would introduce new characters, ghosts and mythologies, keeping the spirit of the original films.


The 29-year-old horror director Nicolas Pesce (‘ The Eyes of My Mother ‘, ‘ Piercing ‘) took the plot in 2004, where the first American film ceased.

A detective of a homicide (Andrea Riseborough) inspects a ghohuis after a series of horrific killings.

“When Detective Muldoon arrived at the house that she wanted to explore, she found a true house of Abominations,” said Pesce. ‘ It is a tapof stories that are connected to one another in a loose connection. So we had the franchise opportunity to rework nothing, but rather add a new installment into the franchise – a new chapter to the canon. ”

Just like the original movie, Pesce plays with timelines and cuts them between different stories and families.

“You get aids nets that don’t completely understand how they are connecting each other, truncated stories that are initially divorced from each other until you get through the whole film,” says Pesce and name it somewhat from a “puzzle picture”. “


Junko Bailey, the central anst Kayako Saeki-known for her light face and long, black hair that is halfway separated and covered her face.

Kayako is an important part of the Ju-on-horror franchise. She is portrayed by actress Takako Fuji in all the films, both Japanese and English, to ‘ The Grudge 3 ‘, when Fuji withdrew from the character and replaced by the TBV.

‘ When we were making the original in 2004, there was still horror on the outside, and it was still for the cult audience. But it has now moved into the mainstream, “says producer Sam Raimi.

The film also displays Demian Bichir, John Cho and Jacki Weaver.

ONLY Adults judge

The biggest difference with ‘ The Grudge ‘ (2020) is perhaps the film of 18 and about.

“We thought it was time to push the Grudge ‘ to the next level,” says producer Raimi. “The fact that [director] Nick can make this film with an R-rating is a wonderful weapon in the arsenal of a storynarrator whose purpose is to scare the audience. He can depict these vinditative ghosts who really harm their victims, and he can show blood on the screen without being afraid of being cut. ”