Is He the return of Christ or just a man with an impressive social media?

This is the question at the forefront of the new Netflix series of Messiah, which is now flocking, about a mysterious, holy man in the modern-day Syria that seems to be performing miracles.

The Jesus-like figure, played by Mehdi Dehbi, says he was sent by his father on a special mission to the Earth. But it is unclear whether that what the man who is called al-Masih is the scriptures or just a bunch of lies. The same question is to be made to the Messiah: Is it based on any right religious texts?

While the Messiah-manufacturer Market is Burnett earlier as religious narratives, the ridge is only based on that holy book. The apocalyptic revelation, the last book of the new Testament, contains the return of Jesus, who returns as the true king of the world and the promise of God to Abraham in Genesis.

Yet, the past scripture warns that there will be a delusion before the return of the Messiah. “False Messiah and false prophets will rise up,” declares Matthew 24, “And they will do signs and wonders, so great that they, if it were possible, would even deceive the elect. “

However, after the debut of the preview of the show, some noticed a direct link between Messiah and the Koran. The name al-Masih, which is a nod for DAYYYYMMDD, “A false prophet in the Islamic theology, comparable to the Antichrist,” according to the BBC. Al-Masih is Arabic for “The Messiah “, but it is also what damodial, meaning in Arabic “Deceiver”, mentions himself when he comes to Earth.

In The Quran It is believed that DAYYYYMMDD have come out of Syria, where this show is offered, which makes some Muslim fans wonder if the character will also lose in one of the episodes. (According to the Islamic holy book Hadith, which contains the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, dayyyymmdd are blind in one eye.)

In response to the DAYYYYMMDD theory, the official Netflix Twitter account wrote that “it is not actually the character’s name. “

In the same vein, Cindy Holland, vice president of the original content of Netflix, said in a statement that this display is only a fascinating series for viewers of every faith. ‘ Perhaps another tip that the show is not meant to trade on a specific religious text despite the criticism that the show is ‘ evil and anti-Islamic propaganda ‘.

Instead, “Messiah challenges us to look at what we believe and why, ” said the creator and author Michael Petroni, who also wrote Chronicles or Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader, in early press material. More recently, Petroni told AFP, “Yes, it’s outstringent – the show is too destructive. But Unstringent is not offensive. “

The series with ten episodes looked at a daunting way that it would seem as a true savior today would come to Earth. It is likely that a supposedly prophet on social media and IRL could raise a great follow-up, and that is what the CIA agent Eve Geller (Michelle Monaghan of The Path) worries, which believes he is a scam with motives.

We will have to wait and see if she is right or can play something else.