The modern turn of how we as modern technology-driven robots will accept or negate the possibility of the ‘ return ‘, is portrayed-some join the bandwagon of holding on social media, others follow their way to fulfill their “lot “

                            'Messiah' Episode 6: Payam Golshiri walks on water with his followers at his heels and social media watching

This article contains spoiler for ‘ Messiah ‘ season 1

The previous episode showed an unholy twist in the behavior of the Messiah (Al-Masih), while he shot a dog. With the trailer that makes people speculate that he is actually all-Massih al-Dayyyymmdd or the false messiah, one starts to wonder when the character in the series strengthens this statement.

If the CIA and FBI are involved, every move of the Messiah is watched, although he does not take note of this, as he can disappear from the cells. Is He the Anti-Christ, or were the masses wrong?

This episode, titled ‘ We Won’t Sleep all ‘, begins with a backflash to Jigoggles’s mother, who died during the violent strife in Syria. She appears in a vision of Jigoggles, which is at the Israeli border and trusts in the man he followed with thousand others from Syria through a desert.

Though he hears his mother’s voice, his Imam (Messiah) brings him a prayer warrior-with a gun in it. This is how the episode starts with this gripping ride.

Tensions escalation in Dilley, Texas, and the rumors about how the ‘ man ‘ had shot a gun, put a great attentiveness to send people away. ‘ Who is going to stop this man? ‘ asks the people with ‘ false god ‘ on the side of the chapel of Feliz Iguero.

While Eva suspects that the Messiah had chosen Texas because it is legal to give access to guns and the masses of people who are faithful to the Bible, Q gives her name to run on. Payam Golshiri, alias Al-Masih, has a brother, Adar Golshiri, in Teheran and Q will meet him.

Felix believes that Payam came to him and he cannot show him as a minister, he takes the people in Texas. His family and Payam leave the little town Dilley behind.

‘ Follow us ‘, he says. Is it the beginning of a crusade as his wife Anna says to him? The media reported Al-Masih leads his followers, but in reality it is Felix, the police, including the CIA Agent Eve and the FBI agent Will, who actually follow him.

The series points to the Waco tragedy of 1993 which was according to most a ‘ holy war ‘ between the FBI and members of the Branch Davidian religious group. Felix walks past this place while he leads people eastward – we still need to know if it has a serious meaning for the prominent religious qualities.

Rebecca, who was told by the Messiah that he was for her in Texas, took pictures of the leader-who let social propaganda continue with the girl on Instagram. What’s the angle? More followers? Rebecca probably beat 42.000.

The modern turn of how we will accept or negate the possibility of the ‘ return ‘ as modern technology-driven robots are portrayed here. While some join the social media, the believers and religious are keeping their way to fulfill their “fate “.

Meanwhile, Jigoggles, who apparently dreamed of the prayer girl and a gun, woke up the sadness around him on the border.

The crisis on the border, the news reports, has worsened with the Arab leaders and the UN to become involved. He still has visions of his mother, who feeds the hungry boy until he is looking again for his Imam – the food looks like “Lot “, is told.

With the photo of Rebecca who outlines the location of Felix and his followers, the residents of Washington DC look at their Muslim counterparts.

Eve discovered interesting details while she was in Payam Golshiri, the name Oscar Wallace, digging, whose words imitated the Messiah in the previous episode during his interrogation with Eve.

He is at the same time at the Williams College of political Science, where Oscar Wallace held a class in 2008 – a year after Wallace the stock market was hacked and moved to Russia.

Eva is adamant that it is the international protesparty belonging to the puzzle they finally have in hand – making it a job for the CIA, with the DCPD and the FBI, which is also on great warning.

The end of the episode is that the Messiah ironically leads the group to DC’s ground, and his followers on his heels. While miracles from the beginning form part of the confrontation, the Lincoln memorial sees a great multitude that is witness to the Messiah who walks on the water.

‘ You are judged, you are the of, ‘ he preaches. Meanwhile, jiglasses go out to the border, walking toward Israel and the course of a gun, leading the people to the Holy Land.

Is it a calm character, of course, is it his agenda like Eve would call it, or is it his holy calling? All episodes of season 1 of ‘ Messiah ‘ are now streamed on Netflix.