BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA-New Year is the deadliest holiday on American roads. In 2017, nearly 1 000 people were killed during the period of three days-according to the latest figures of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Thirty-one percent of these deaths were drunk drivers.

As a result, AAA and Budweiser are offering ‘ Tow to Go ‘ as a safe alternative to management.

Tow to Go is a free service for both AAA members as non-members, where a trailer is sent to transport the driver and their vehicle home, or a safe place within a radius of ten kilometers.

Since the programme in 1998, the programme has removed more than 25.000 disabled drivers from the roads across the southeast and middle West.

“New Year Eve is by far the busiest holiday for Tow To Go,” says Mark Jenkins, spokesperson of AAA-The Auto Club Group.

‘ Although we offer this service for all the major holidays, half of our calls take place the night of the New Year. Because our managers have so great demand, party goers do not make us their primary plan to go home. Before AAA arrives a bottle, AAA people encourage to appoint a sober driver. If you can’t get one, consider discussing a trip service or discussing a cab; But make Tow to Go part of your backup plan to ensure safe transport after the 2020 ‘s. ”