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New Year 2020

Due to different time zones, people around the world will see the clock of early morning 12, India time onwards. Do you Wonder which country will call only in 2020?

  • Due to the different time zones around the world, people will see the clock of early morning 12, Indian time and The Pacific Island of Tonga will be on 31 December to ring 15:30 hours IST first, making himself the first nation to have a fresh year beplanDie last place in 2020 is the small secluded island of the USA, Baker and Howland, which is entering the new year on 1 January to 13:30.

The end of 2019 is just here and people around the world are excited and delighted by the new year. While many people flew to different places to invest their New Year celebrations, others decided to sit at home and spend quality time with their loved ones. There are no prizes to suggest that most of us enjoy the countdown to welcome the New Year in the Book of sale. But for all who have family members living abroad, we know what it is to get in touch with them just to wish them a happy new year.

Due to the different time zones around the world, many people will see that the clock 12 strikes on 31 December itself as per Indian time. Depending on the geographical location and time zones, each country enters the new year at another time. Do you ask yourself which will be the first country in 2020? We have covered you.

While fireworks that explode over the port of Sydney usually symbolise the start of New Year festivals for many people, you will be surprised to know that Australia will not be the first place that welcomes 2020. The small islands in the Pacific, Tonga, Samoa and Kiribati, will first ring the new Year to 31:30 hours on IST on 31 December, making it the first nation to practice a fresh year.

The world goes through different time zones and it is divided into a total of 24 time zones. Depending on which country enters the daylight first, every part of the world will therefore enter the new year at a specific time. The last country ringing in 2020 is the small secluded island of the USA, Baker, and Howland, which is to enter 5:30 IST the first year on 1 January. But if the island is uninhabited, we tend to miss it.

American Samoa is the second last country that ends in the new year, and it is interesting that people in that country are celebrating the beginning of 2020 on Wednesday to 16:30 hours IST, a full 25 hours to the Pacific island of Tonga.

Trivia: If people want to enter twice in 2020, it is possible for them to take a quick flight between Tonga and the American Samoa and call twice in the new year.