New Year of Eve 2019 gives us a chance to see in a new decade. Do you not want to see how the ball falls? Instead, look at these movies on Amazon.
We don’t just see in a new year. New Year of Eve 2019 is all about a new decade. And you want to do it with style. Did not bother to see how the ball falls? Here are five wonderful films to watch this new year on Amazon.

1. FAT: A Documentary

New Year’s is about to be ready for change. We want to lose weight, improve our health, and more. FAT: A documentary is a wonderful film on New Years on Amazon.

The health expert Vinnon Tortorich takes you through the myths of weight loss and healthy eating. It’s time to look at food differently. It is the chance to make sure that you make changes in the new decade.

2.One Child nation

During the late 20th century to just a few years ago, China had a policy trying to combat the growing population problem. The implementation and problems that caused this would, however, lead to shockwaves after decades. Those shock waves continue.

One Child Nation looks at the policy and the shockwaves. It tells the story of the victims and the perpetrators being told by the eyes of children from the One Child policy. It is definitely worth beholding this New Year’s Eve.

3.The Avengers

What’s better as that movie what those whole Avengers start it? After all, you’re Captain America: The First Avenger ear Kersfees gekyk, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no In this, a sal already four individual helled saambring with that goal to save New York City from Loki.

There’s a few other Marvel movies on Amazon Prime Video. After Thor kyk as you need a reminder of that story of Thor and Loki, you can need a reminder of that story of Thor and Loki for The Avengers. Complete that franchise with Disney Plus.

4. A simple favor

Need a good thriller? A simple favor is more than worth going to. With the lead role Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, the film focuses on two women who apparently develop a great friendship. Then Lively’s character as Kendrick is for one simple favor. It is the day that Blake’s character is missing.

Of course there is a greater family rib within the story. It is one to check as soon as the kids are in bed and you are waiting for the clock to strike midnight.

5. Brittany runs a marathon

The new Year is a time for change. We want to make ourselves look better and feel, what’s better than a movie dealing with change? Brittany Runs A Marathon makes a woman take control of her life, although it does not because she initially wants to. Brittany has moved through life so far, but now she has to improve her health and she wants to run a marathon.

We don’t say you need to run a marathon, but it’s a good time to get inspiration by the form of this Amazon Original.