‘The music business is like a school where big boys come and take your candy away’ … Neil Innes.

Agent confirms the death of the comedian songwriter who compiled the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and wrote for Monty Python

According to sy agent, Neil Innes, who co-mediant and liedjieskrywer is known vir who cheated Beatles-orkes The Rutles, sowel as sy work with Monty Python.

Hy is bore in 1944 and wideword in Germany and those United Koninkryk. Hy study drama to those Goldsmiths-kollege, where hy that absurdistiese pop group Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band stigstig. Hulle won a Top 5 hit with I’m the Urban Spaceman in 1968, which has been promoted by Paul McCartney – this one prys receive vir Ies Novello songjieskrywer.

Innes was later known as “that sewende Python” danksy sy bydraes to those sketse and films of that comedy trophy, including those songjies Knights of the Round Table and Brave Sir Robin in Monty Python and that Holy Grail. Innes it also that flute melody bygedra to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, from Life of Brian.

After that dissolution of Python the Innes saam with Eric Idle saamgespan to skep that sketsprogram Rutland Weekend Television . This is the one that Rutles formed, a pastiche of those Beatles with Innes what a Lennon-esque character with that name Ron Nasty play, and songjies soos Cheese and Onions, Ouch !, and Get Up and Go rendition. A TV film, All You Need is Cash, is in 1978 vrygestel and includes komos by George Harrison, Mick Jagger, Bill Murray and Michael Palin. Innes it in May and Junie 2019 those United Koninkryk with those Rutles touring.

Innes’s fraudulent songs were targeted by the Beatles-publisher ATV Music, which successfully argued that Lennon and McCartney should be added to the credit arts for song writing, and they should settle outside the court with the publisher of Innes. After another legal dispute, Innes was added to the credits of Oasis’s song Whatever, which was considered an imitation of his song How Sweat to Be an Idiot. “The music industry is like a school where big boys take away your candy, ” said Innes in 2013. “No other business in the world gets away with theft such as the music industry – except banking. “

In November, the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band won a lawsuit on the rights on the name of the orchestra, with members under which Innes successfully hindered the former promoter Bob Carruthers to use it. Innes also threatened legal action against Idle over royalties for the Monty Python-musical Spamalot, and said in 2014: “The gloves are off, I’m no longer polite,” although the case has never been filed.

The League of Gentleman and Sherlock star, Mark Gatiss, was among those who paid tribute to Innes and wrote on Twitter: “As a Python-obsessed teenager I saw him in Darlington Arts Centre and missed my bus home to get his gloss. I took The Innes Book of Records on C-60’s and marveled at his talent. I still snitch I like Cezanne, said Anne. Lovely dreams, sweet idiot. ”

The comedian Diane Morgan calls him ‘ one of the best people I’ve ever met and an exciting talent, ‘ while the director Edgar Wright says he was ‘ a fan of Innes ‘ forever.