Mehdi Dehbi as Al-Mahsi in Netflix's Messiah

Netflix issued the first trailer for its upcoming thriller Messiah this week – and Unrandomly unveiled a big pearly for many Muslim viewers.

The show focuses on a Christ-like man who performs miracles worldwide.

But the name of the character is a big nod for DAYYYYMMDD, a false prophet in the Islamic theology, comparable to the Antichrist.

Many Muslims and Arab speakers guessed that the ‘ Messiah ‘ Dayyyymmdd were and had to lie that they would have ‘ a prayer smat ‘ after looking at the trailer.

What was in the trailer?

In the trailer, the main character played by the Belgian actor Mehdi Dehbi-is seen to perform miracles and build up a huge international build-up.

An CIA Officer explores the elusive figure she suspects that she is a great world artist. The man said during a questioning that he was sent by his father to help people.

Netflix tweet the trailer with the question: “Who do you think he is? “

Dehbi’s character is not mentioned in the trailer, but he is called on Netflix’s website as Al-Masih Arabic for “The Messiah “. This is the name used for Jesus Christ in Islam, but it is also the name to which Dayyyymmdd make himself known.

What was the reaction?

User @ Sultaan_Mo1 wrote a fan of the trailer, and he writes ‘ I get DAYYYYMMDD ‘ before he added another tweet: ‘ I am sure that he will lose an eye ‘ accidentally ‘.

In Islamic theology it is said that DAYYYYMMDD are blind in the one eye.

The posts had tens of thousands and retweets. Later, the same Twitter user has placed screenshots to show that they have been blocked by the Netflix and Messiah accounts.

Netflix denied it and said, ‘ There is no truth to this story that we did not blocked fans. ‘