The impact of Alex Trebek since he was in the 1980s ‘ Jeopardy! ‘ Offered is tangible. Not only has he and the show figures have become in the popculture, from references in “The Simpsons ” to “Saturday Night Live “, but an outpouring of love since its diagnosis of pancreatic cancer has made it clear that millions of people really care about him.

One of the people, ‘ Jeopardy! ‘, the Dhruv Gaur participant, expressed their support during a round Final Jeopardy in November. In third place, and unable to answer the clue, Gaur completely underestimated the question and wrote: ‘ What is… We love you, Alex! ‘ The heartfelt message surprised the 79-year-old funnel.

‘ I read it first and then I was choking, because it suddenly registered on me: ‘ Oh, darling. Ok. Yes, ‘ ‘ said Trebek during a special presentation of ABC News.

He added: ‘ I don’t care about being choking. My Oncologist said that one of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer, if you want to, is that you get these moments of depression and sadness. ”

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In March, Trebek announced his stage 4-diagnosis of pancreatic cancer to the world in the first time via a YouTube video in which he promised to fight the disease ‘ and ‘ keep working ‘. Since then, Trebek has been speaking openly about his treatment journey and become a de facto. Spokesperson for awareness of cancer about pancreas.

It was severe stomach pain that asked the first time to visit a doctor.

‘ I knew as soon as the doctor came back and called the pancreas. I said: ‘ Uh-oh, it’s going to be cancer, ‘ said Trebek.

Trebek said he first told his wife of 29 years, Jean Trebek, first of his diagnosis. However, he said he wasn’t saying to her as fast as I could say, “This was no devastating news for me. “

“All My life I had always wondered how encouraging I was,” Trebek said about his diagnosis. I just look at it because it’s a part of life. Does this mean I’m bold because I’m busy with it? No. I would be afraid of death, and I’ll still have to deal with it. ‘

Jean Trebek said that it is the hardest to see her husband ‘ with pain and I can’t help him. ‘

‘ Too much baking soda, ‘ said his laughing morning.

‘ It’s always hard for caretakers, because she needs to worry about her well-being and also dealing with… I’m not always the aangenaamste person to be if I experience severe pain or depression, and she must pull me gently around, “answered Alex Trebek.