In many ways, the up and exit for Eric Steels this season also includes the way things are done for the wild, perfect in.

Both parties suffered under frightening matches, as steel had gone up in eight matches without achieving a goal, while the wild started with 1-6-0 and nearly rounded up their campaign before starting.

Both Pariteas also came to Nadrué, because steel now leads the team in goals (15) and marks (32), while the wild is only a few points outside a playing match.

In This regard it feels appropriate that steel game will represent during the coming NHL All-Star match in 2020 next month in St. Louis. Last week he phoned the general manager, Bill Guerin, and the official announcement came to Monday afternoon.

For steel It is the sixth time in his career that he was chosen for the showcase, although he is the first person acknowledging that it is never old.

“This is the best league in the world, and if I can be nominated to such a match, it is special and it is an honor, ‘ said Steel. ‘ I’m clearly grateful for the guys that I play together each night. This is just a representation of our guys and this group. It would be nice. ‘

This would be especially for steel Nice, for he will bring together his three sons-Levi, Parker and Faley.

Although they made the trek a few seasons ago when steel represented the game in the 2018 NHL All-Star Game, they are now a little older and they will appreciate it much more.

“This was the last time so much fun,” said Steel. ‘ They are still talking about it. Some of the photos and signatures they found, and to hang in the dressing room and to see guys they regularly watch on NHL Network, in such an environment, it was very nice. It’s going to be great. They’re all excited about it. They constantly ask when it is. ”

Just as special as it is for steel to spend it with his family, there is also a measure of sincerity for him as he is chosen, because this is another example of how he continues to prove the doubters wrong.

Steel was written off a few seasons ago, with so many critics who said he was over the hill, and Steel has recorded 42 goals to make a franchise record.

It was the same tone at the beginning of this season, and not only did steel find his cruise, he was on course for over 60 points with an outside on 70 points. He also recorded the 1000th point of his career during a 15 December match against the Chicago Blackhawks, which became the 89th player in the NHL history to join the exclusive club.

Not bad for a 35 years old age accepted by so many people.

Steel said: ‘ You must keep playing and you just have to do it day and day. ‘ ‘ I knew that if we stayed within the match plan, we would be rewarded and the trust would increase and we would come where we are now. ‘