GLENDALE, Ariz.-The dressing room of Ohio State Saturday evening in the State Farm stage was like most cloakrooms that were lost. There was shock, and there was silence, except for many doorshamders. Players have to shower and dress fast so that they know what is there.


In the corner of the room, Chris Olave, the Buckeyes ‘ number 1 broad recipient, Sat. He still wears pads and clamps, and his head hangs low-not because he looks at his phone (he was not). Only minutes have passed since he had a unique opportunity to play hero and curb the Buckeyes a trip to the national championship. With another 43 seconds left, Ohio State walked with six and had the ball on the 23-yardline of Clemson. On a second-and-7, Olave was supposed to run a job route and the Nolan Turner went with safety. But he thought the quarterback, Justin Fields, instead played a game so that the lead was going in the opposite direction. The wrong communication led to an Turner intercepted in the end zone to terminate the match.

Clemson knocked Ohio, 29-23.

‘ My mistake, ‘ said a quiet Olave and took the full debt for the outcome. While he was a loss to College Football Playoff, the last thing that Olave wanted to do.

‘ It’s awful, ‘ said Olave. ‘ The worst feeling in the world. I don’t really have words for that. Just sticky. ”

Although this Fiesta Bowl game technically came on the game because it was the last one, it was definitely not the reason why Ohio states had lost. The Buckeyes destroyed many great opportunities and still had the chance to win. Olave knows this. But right now he is placing the game on himself. ‘ I have to make the play at the end ‘ he says.

The Buckeyes seem to be strong for starters, while dominating the Tigers with tempo and line of domination. They went to an early edge of 16-0 behind the running behind the JK Dobbins – which ran in the first quarter 141 meter on six turns, including a powerful career of 68 meters. But Dobbins’s conspicuous statistics and the guidance of Ohio states could have been much greater. In the second quarter he abandoned two lead deliveries on successive property in the red zone and Ohio State had to be forced to kick field goals, which Clemson very much alive.

However, Momentum has not really moved to a controversial target call. Late in the second quarter, the rear player Shaun Wade, the Ohio state, Trevor Lawrence drilled for a bag. But Wade, a leading player for the Buckeyes and a future tournament in the NFL, lowered his head and leading to the crown of his helmet on the hit, forcing officials to throw him out after a revision of the repetition hockey. Amir Riep, the scrum-half of Wade, was asked for interference from the pass on the next play and Travis Etienne later ran to an 8-yard touchdown to close the puntegaping.

Before the penalty Clemson didn’t log in and struggled to move the ball. After the target call, Clemson recorded 29 points, which included Lawrence to galloping in the field for a 67 yard onslaught and Etienne an screen on 53 meters for another point. Before this game, the Buckeyes the entire season gave only one play of 50 meters or more.