Here is how some of our writers saw the Championship world camp between Notre Dame and Iowa State at noon.
This is Notre Dame-spelling Day-BOWL GAME EDITION!. Here’s how our authors view the match against Iowa states.

Carlee North

It is understandable that many Irish fans are disappointed by the Camping World Bowl-slot after they ended with 10-2, but Iowa State is a good team and will be a test for Notre Dame. The defense will have its hands filled with the onslaught of the Iowa state, but the Iere must keep them as soon as they establish themselves, and that’s what I expect from this Clark Leah defense.

For the offense, I had my concern as soon as Chip lung fired that they would get “off ” in the game, but out of everything I saw and read, it seems that the offense is ready to take with Tommy Rees the lead. I would expect that they would play all of Hearts for their trainer. Iere draws away and ends the season 11-2 and beating Iowa states 37-24.

Connor McJunkin

I certainly didn’t expect the Camping World Bowl at the beginning of the season, but here we are. Notre Dame should be comfortable winning at a group of 7-5 in Iowa, but bowling fixtures are weird and unpredictable, and almost a month off for both teams can lead to a slow start, which benefits the cycles very much. If the Iere can drive with the warm hand of Ian Book and keep their offense in progress like the last 4 matches, it will be difficult to keep Iowa states. I expect this to be the last chapter of Book’s ND career, and he, along with the rest of the team, will be riding with the eleventh victory in the season in the humid Florida sunset. Notre Dame takes care of matters 45-21.

Corbin Whitney
31-17 Irish!

Daniel Morrison

From a talent standpoint, Notre Dame should win with a few scores, but you can say that approximately a lot of teams have beat Iowa states or almost knocked. The Cyclones will be very motivated and the violation of Notre Dame is without a coordinator. I think that talent eventually wins. Notre Dame 24, Iowa States 21.

Jack Leniart

You see this storyline every year in bowling games: One team is very excited to be there and the other team is apathetic. After a 10-2 season, the Iere undoubtedly felt they deserved a better bowling bid. This, together with a few reports on lomamy and sloppy practices this past week, caused the Notre Dame adherent of anxiety. I’m in the same boat. I think the Iere will follow the Iowa state in the fourth term. However, I think this team is too good to lose this game. Ian Book will again have some heroin in the late match and give Notre Dame their eleventh victory of the season. Notre Dame 30, Iowa states 27.

Mason Plumber

Notre Dame comes flat and Iowa states will lead the match to rest period, but a strong show in the second half and some forced turnovers give the the victory in Orlando. Cole Kmet will lead the offense and anticipate that Jeremiah Owusu Koruah definitely will have a great match. ND ends 11-2 with the season with momentum in 2020. 27-20, Notre Dame.

Matt Clark

In the first half, Notre Dame and the Iowa state of push have come up with huge plays on both sides. With rest period it is 21-21. The third quarter is more of the same, a quick outshooting struggle that has prerun Notre Dame at the end of the third place with 31-27. By the fourth quarter, a more athletic Irish defence carries out the Iowa state and manages a wegneemete that takes the life out of the cyclones. Notre Dame ends Iowa state too late and won 45-34.

Nathan Erbach

I think ND starts warm after all the talk that they may not be ready. Fast starts is something they haunt this year, but with the new collaborating effort that is missing now, I think that players and staff want to prove a point. Iowa states will hold it at times and perhaps even be uncomfortable close, but Nds ‘ talent wins in the second half and pulls away. Notre Dame 33, Iowa States 21.

Sonny Martinez

There is much talk about the quality of the bowl and the focus of Notre Dame for this game. All it does is to make Notre Dame more focused, which is bad news for Iowa states. This will not be an easy match because Iowa states are much better than they can show 7 victories. I think we see a lot of offense in this game and it will be close to most of it. Ian Book is the difference and he and Chase Claypool link for at least two touchdowns. Don’t be surprised that a Notre Dame is also at a certain point six. 41-33 eggs.