In his new Netflix documentary-series, released Friday, the comedian chronicles the backlash he endured after stepping down as host: "What I thought was going to blow over ended up becoming a bigger mess than I expected."

In his new Netflix documentary series, which was released on Friday, the comedian endured the setback he endured after he stepped up as a host: “What I thought to blow has become a bigger mess than I expected. “
Kevin Heart is ready to tell everything.

In The comedian’s new six-part Netflix documentary series Kevin Hart: Don’t F-K This Up, released on Friday, the heart becomes open over a myriad of controversial moments that took place in his life and career, including the use of recreational drugs of His father, the fraud scandal with his wife, the looming Afpersingsvideo and his departure since he was the Oscars host.

Cameras documented the setback the comedian had faced after old tweets came in, which expressed heart against-gay sentiments and used homofbic terminology and trunk. Although his team advised him that his approach was wrong, heart begged at that time to disagree.

‘ You must learn how to stop and think, ‘ is shown that the publistic of heart is discussed with a team member. ‘ He is not accustomed to being the person who is not loved and nurtured. ‘ His advertiser also says that the comedian should take a ‘ lower-fold spille ‘.

Despite the comedian sitting in hot water, the documents said that his team members were frustrated about how his actions eventually put them in a difficult position. ‘ He must just remain silent and lay down his head for the next few weeks. What he must remember is that he feeds 50-60 people. When he was a scramble, everyone was scramble and it was a major problem, said his advertiser.

Nine days after he was not the Oscars host, he erected an emergency meeting at his company Hartbeat Productions where he continued to emphasize that he was not wanting to address the controversy, because it would “make good to go backwards.” . “” I don’t want to go backwards. I just want to go forward, “said Heart to his team.

Despite an attempt to make peace with the action on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, heart still caused frustrations in the public eye with his commentary. “What I thought will eventually become a bigger mess than I expected,” said Hart.

‘ Everybody says my approach is wrong. There is a lot of cooks in the kitchen, but there is only one person in the warm water, ‘ he explained and added that if he was homophobic marked, he had built his frustrations and eventually came under his skin. .

Heart was exhausted about being constantly asked to talk about the Oscars, and he said he was “just no longer able to do ” when he appeared on Good Morning America. “I got there and I just gave a very direct answer to the question I knew I was going to get,” said heart about his ‘ I’m over ‘ response.

‘ What I thought it was going to do, didn’t do it. The opposite has happened. ‘

Looking back on the controversy, explaining heart, “What I thought it was, wasn’t it, and my approach to handling it because I was taking is just wrong. ” After talking with good friends and having time to think, the comedian admitted that he ‘ ‘ Have missed an opportunity. ‘

‘ I missed the opportunity to merely say that I was indulging in no way, shape or form to someone because he is who they are. I did it… Rather, I said: ‘ I addressed this. ‘ I said, ‘ I apologized. ‘ I said: ‘ I have spoken about this. ‘ I was just immature. ‘

Cameras rolled in while Heart and his wife booked the setback, and heart confessed he now had no problem saying I was wrong, something he refused to do in the past. ‘ You are not Superman. You are not invincible. You don’t know everything. Your way is not always the right way. Sometimes it is very valuable to stop and judge a moment. I know what I could have had. I have no problem saying I was wrong, ‘ said Heart. He also regretted the fact that he put his team in an uncomfortable situation and injured them. ‘ I had to see the bad by being challenging and not listening. ‘

‘ You can’t do it yourself. You don’t let them do their work by being challenging. If you’re wrong, it’s going to hurt, because you’ll look back and go, ‘ I’m listening, I should have listened. ‘”

To show gratitude to his team, he donated each of his team members and friends classic cars.

Apart from the Oscars scandal, Hart addresses other controversial moments through the whole documents, including Jonathan Todd Jackson, the man accused of trying to press heart with a sex band made without the actor’s knowledge. , a devastating moment for the comedian like Jackson was described as a member of his close group of friends.

“To this day there is still a piece of mine that like ‘ There is no way ‘,” “said heart emotionally. “You speak in an alleged format, but what I could take from it was the same hurt as I had done; That person my wife is, the same pain found me back right away. It sucks that what happened, but now your eyesight is even clearer. ‘

Hart’s wife shared that the comedian were in tears over the betrayal, with his closest friends giving the assurance that no new faces would ever join their group.

Hart also talked about the pain and sadness he felt after the 2017-fraud scandal. ‘ You can think you’ve accumulated it all. There can be something that can take place so, ‘ he said.

Stars like Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson and Jimmy Fallon appear throughout the series. Chadwick Boseman and Idris Elba also appear during the encounter with Heart to talk about his hope on a remake of Uptown Saturday Night. Tiffany Haddish also appears when she and Hart start on a press tour for Night School.

Kevin Hart: Don’t F-K This Up is now available to stream.