President Donald Trump walks to a meeting in the Oval Office in Washington, December 17, 2019.

Trump has the official ‘ Trump warroom ‘ campaign account re-retweet who attack the whistle-blower as ‘ not a real whistle-blower ‘.

The American president, Donald Trump, ‘s Twitter account on Thursday reported a tweet by the president’s reelection campaign, the official “Trump War Room” allegedly mentioning the whistle-blower whose complaint led to the Democrats announced the investigation into the case.

‘ It’s pretty simple. The CIA ‘ whistle-blower ‘ is not a real whistle-blower! ‘ ‘ Says the tweet that Trump re-tweet, which contains a link to a Washington Examiner piece, published on 3 December, name of the alleged whistle-blower in the heading.

While some right-wing news stores call the suspected whistle-blower, no important news agency, and the Republican Sen. Chuck Lawley, the president’s pro-tempore of the American Senate, argued that the name of the whistle-blower Private must remain to protect its safety.

Trump culminated in Tuesday when his trial in the Senate still remains in a rush, with Republican and Democratic leaders inconsistent with the format and whether witnesses should be called.

Trump has singled out a private club in Palm Beach, Florida, after a telephone conference call with troops around the world, the speaker, Nancy Pelosi, which stops indefinitely to the articles of persecution that the home has passed on last week to the Republic-controlled Senate.

‘ She hates the Republican Party. She hates all the people who voted for me and the Republican Party, “he accused Trump on Christmas Eve. She is doing a tremendous service to the country.

Trump had last seen a hearing in the Senate, where he would almost certainly be acquitted, as an opportunity to be justified after becoming the third president in the country’s history, which was charged by the house.

“We have the majority and now want McConnell to do wonderful things for them,” Trump complained of the Democrats and added that he would be overleaving it to the Senate superiority leader, Mitch McConnell, to do everything he thinks best.

‘ He is a very smart man, a very good guy, a very righteous guy. But they have treated us very unjust. And now they want justice in the Senate, “he said.

Pelosi said that she waited until she received more clarity of McConnell on how a trial would look like. He said he had not excluded to call witnesses, but also indicated that he was not in a hurry to get new testimony. Meanwhile, the top Democrat of the Senate, Chuck Schumer of New York, opposed that any trial without witnesses would be ‘ Kafkaesque ‘ and a ‘ fraud ‘.

‘ Let’s say this: if there are no documents and no witnesses, it will be very difficult to get to an agreement, ‘ ‘ said Schumer on The Associated Press.

Schumer demands witnesses who have refused to appear during the trials of the House committees, including acting stafhead of the Withhouse Mick Mulvaney and former advisor for national security John Bolton.

McConnell, who has promised a quick release from the president, has opposed to any warranties and has warned Trump to ask the evidence of witnesses out of fear of being the extension of the trial. Instead, McConnell seems to have given the Republican support for his plans to compile a framework set up from the 1999 prosecution of President-the Bill Clinton.

‘ We did not excluding witnesses, ‘ McConnell on Monday said in an interview with ‘ Fox and backup. ‘ ‘ We said that we should deal with this matter, just as we did with President Clinton. Bursary is fair. ”

The hearing contains a vote of 100-0 on arrangements that two weeks of submissions and argument before a partisan meeting in which Republicans, who had the majority, called a limited number of witnesses. But Democrats now need Republican voices to get Getuienisgetuienis – and Republicans believe they have the voices to finally block the requests.

In a letter Monday to all senators, Schumer argued that the circumstances in the Trump trial were different than that of Clinton, who had been accused after a long independent council investigation, in which witnesses have witnessed several times under oath. Schumer showed the Clinton model of the hand and said until he waited for the presentations to decide on witnesses, the possibility of obtaining such evidence would be cleaned out because it would be too late.

Schumer also demanded that Senate, except the receiving of evidence, also compelled the Trump administration to convey documents and emails pertaining to the matter, among others about the decision to withhold military assistance from Ukraine. He told the AP that Democrats was not trying to procrastinate, but merely asking information directly related to the charges in the articles of persecution.

He said that if McConnell would not agree, “we can go on the floor and claim voices, and we will also.”