The American coastal guard sought a “arrears” tour helicopter with seven people, of which two believe that minors, which disappeared from Hawaii.

‘ The weather conditions are challenging, ‘ Robert Cox, small artist of the first class, said in a statement. ‘ We trained teams to respond and search on the scene to any signs of the helicopter and on board. ‘

According to the statement, the owner of the helicopter was said to 06:06 hours (23:06 hours ET). The helicopter with one pilot and six passengers, who travelled on Kauai’s Napali coast, had to be back around 17:21

Kauai is an island west of Oahu, where Honolulu is located.

The coastal guard did not receive any signals while the aircraft was equipped with an electronic detection.

The coastguard saw at the first light that more searches would be done. Eighty percent of Kauai is uninhabited and most of it is a state spark, said the guard.

The coastguard said that rain and clouds hold the visibility of approximately 4 miles and winds of 28 km/h.