‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Vicki’s unapologetic homophobic remarks leave Andy Cohen and fans incensed

We know that the reunions ‘ Real Housewives ‘ can be filled with much more drama than the show itself, but we have never seen this level of drama. The former OG-housewife Vicki Gunvalson is not satisfied with the loss of her Orange and loses no chance to express it. In the third and final part of the reunion, the housewife decided to join horns with not only the housewomen, but also the host and executive manufacturer of the show Andy Cohen itself. She ended up in the process as a homofobe and uncertain person.

Vicki got off the deep side when she said she found a braunwine disgusting because the new housewife women kissed while she was married to a husband and seven children, and yet chose to bring another woman into her marriage. The former housewife repeated the word disgusting until Andy intervened and asked her why it was disgusting, the Vicki was bruised, and he asked Braunwyn to choose a job. When Andy interviewed her further, Vicki slapped again and said that the show had changed a lot and his will be respected and a role model. Before long, Vicki began screaming that she “had not had an interview” for a role on the program. Andy then looks a bit irritated and reminds her that he saw her interviews and even pointed a piece of her band.

Not to stay behind, Vicki revealed that a woman came to her home and said she wanted to film a programme with the title ‘ Behind the Gates ‘, but that she would not be part of a reality program. At the moment it seemed that Andy had enough of her and reminded her that she did not have to be on the program if she didn’t want to, and added that the show made her “very rich”. Vicki observed her defeat and immediately changed from pace and said that she does not have to do what Braunwyn does, which according to her everything Sensasioneel to be on the program.

Andy concludes Vicki’s segment from the reunion and asks her to leave. Vicki then whispered to Andy not to forget where he came from, while he repeated again that she never had an audition for the show. A cloude Andy says the same to her and asks her not to forget her beginnings.

After she was gone, he called the former housewife’s behavior and everything that came down as “madness.” Vicki, however, returned to the green room and knocked out to the producers and it could be heard that the cast had to be ‘ increased ‘, and that the current cast was a ‘ disaster ‘. The cherry on the cake was her remark: ‘ I’m embarrassed to be part of this show ‘. Nice words there, Vicki.

The comments of the housewife about Braunwyn’s sexuality were straight homophobic, and unfortunately Vicki doesn’t seem onapologies about it. While her little battle with Andy over her audition exposed her insecurity, fans called the housewife to her inappropriate behavior and demanded that Andy be thanking her. A adherent had a tweet, ‘ Ok, so we learned things. @vgunvalson is a magshonger homofobe that must be fired. Why did she first go on Braunwyn if Tamra does the same? Either way… @Andy, Vicki should go. #FireVickiGunvalson #RHOC “. ‘ Another adherent shared: ‘ Andy was very firm with the Housewomen ATL and Beverly Hills about their problematic relationship with the LGBT community. I think Andy should tackle Vicki’s long-term homofbic streak next. #RHOC “.

Almost all fans have brought Andy’s side and demanded he firing Vicki. A fan wrote: ‘ @Andy I really hope you stand up for yourself, @BravoTV and everyone who is on the show job-Vicki needs to be dismissed. She actually thinks that she is more important than you and the growers. If his next season is back, you all are ashamed. #RHOC “. ‘ We all watched just after the moment @vgunvalson was fired. @Andy, as a gay man, how does it feel like to hear Vicki saying “choose a lane ” or “It’s disgusting?” “What a bigot. She was cancelled with Leeanne of #rhod for her racist remarks. 2020 is the year on which Bravo is firing in adults. #RHOC “.