The prequestion to Terry Stotts, head coach of Portland Trail Blazers, was rather benign.

It deals with the new Jazz-wag Jordan Clarkson and how an opponent is working to prepare for a new asset. Clarkson made his debut for the Blazers on Thursday evening after being purchased at the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for the former number five-overall antioxidants and two future second round.

Stotts, definitely with the fact that Clarkson’s name would be first-name was armed with an interesting answer.

‘ Well, he had the last time a good match against us when someone looked up, ‘ ‘ said Stotts. “He was a good mark in this league and I know Utah, they needed a few points from the bank, so I think he would be a good addition to them. “

If it turns out to be curious why Stotts might remember one game within a season of 82 matches, it is because he is the last time he sees Clarkson, the veteran of the sixth year to ignite his team. On 23 November, while still at the Cavs, Clarkson had 28 points from the bank on the score and achieved all six of his three-point efforts in a 110-104 victory.

This is precisely why Clarkson has been acquired. Bench-score was a brilliant problem for a Jazz team that was expected to compete on the Western Conference, and it packed the injured Exum and two choices and got one of the NBA’s best reviewers. Clarkson came from a barrage of 33 points on 20 December and recorded on Thursday average 15.4 points on 48.3 percent shootout in December.

By 29 contests entering Thursday, all of the bank was Clarkson averaging 14.6 points per match on 50.9 percent from the floor and 37.1 percent of the 3-point series. These numbers, which are produced within 23.0 minutes per match, are on level or better than he delivered in his career.

“You have to give up something to get something,” the Jazz coach Quin Slicer said. ‘ Antioxidants are obviously someone we have thought of as player and as a person. At the same time we are excited about Jordan and what he can offer. I think we want to limit the expectations for him at a certain level and just let him play and get comfortable. ‘

Slicer said that he would probably throw Clarkson right into the fire, and he was holding onto it. When the Jazz was playing downhill during the first quarter, Clarkson recorded the eighth man with a standing ovasie at the point of 4:05.

Clarkson looks casual and engaged, hitting its first shot, a 10 foot-overwalk in the lane, which bounces off the back of the edge. A ratter in the track at the 1:18 market has a productive first term for Clarkson, and offers more optimism that he can be the answer to the ways of the bank score. The Jazz was second in the last place in the banking points per match that goes into a mere 26.9 on Thursday. The Jazz bank, driven by Clarkson, caught 18 points in the first half against the Blazers.

A severe 3-point attempt early in the lap was mixed with strong offense, too much dribbling several times, and a wild detection for management. Even though and when Clarkson is resting and acclimatize, these are the types of things the Jazz has reported. You take the good with the bad with Clarkson, because if he is on, he can quickly change the tenover of a match with his score.

‘ This is a process. It will last long before he gets comfortable in some respects, but we do not want to invent it, “said Slicer. Some of them are a spectrum. On the one hand it is just basketball and everyone has done their entire lives and guys just feel it.

‘ His teammates will embrace him. If there is an out-of-border game and he does not know where to go, they will say to him. Sitting too much in its head is counterproductive. ”

Clarkson, who in the last year of a contract of $50 million on $50 million, ended the first half with nine points at 4-for-9 shots in 11 minutes.