Interstate 15 closed free morning in Baker, California, to Primm in both directions due to ice and accidents, according to the California Department of Transport.

Beemen worked to remove three feet of snow and ice, said officials.

Motorists are cautioned to not avoid travel to and from Las Vegas to further notice.

On Thursday, a winter storm urged the authorities to include Interstate 15 at Primm for a few hours, but the highway was reopened at about 13:00, the Nevada Highway Patrol.

The road is closed at about 16:00 on Thursday.

For the Kaliforniërs that were stranded in the south of Nevada, “is the good news that we have enough room for everyone to stay here in Las Vegas for an extra day,” the patrol said.

On the mountain Charleston, snowshackles or quad-driven vehicles are necessary for those heading to routes 156, 157 and 158, according to the patrol.

The snow made essential Interstate 5 in the Tejonpas by the mountains north of Los Angeles and put the traffic on the Interstate 15 over the Cajon pass in the domestic region in the east. I-15 finally opened in both directions on Thursday afternoon.

A truck driver was responsive to a rig that was stopped next to me-5 in the Tejonpas. Firefighters in nuclear County declared him dead, according to the online incident log of the California Highway Patrol.

It was not immediately known whether death was related. Phone and e-mail messages that comment are not immediately returned from the office of the Sheriff of the core district, where the sheriff also serves as magistrate.

After being stuck in the Cajon Pass for five hours, the Motorryer Johnny Lim was not sure if he could reach Las Vegas, where he was hoping to spend time after the Christmas. He worried about his car by the pass when he opened again.

‘ The highway is full of snow and ice, ‘ he said and added that his car ‘ was not built for conditions like this. ‘

I-5 rises to more than 4150 feet (1.250 meters) in the Tejonpas between Los Angeles and the San Joaquin Valley. Cajon Pass rises to more than 3 128 meters (1.128 meters) between the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains on I-15, the main link between Southern California and Las Vegas.

The snow also showed the traffic on other California roads, including the highway Interstate 8 in the east of San Diego County, and many trees were overturned.

The storm began to disrupt the waves of thundering rains in the region on Christmas Day and continued until Thursday.

The National Weather Service has bounced a small tornado short on Ventura harbour. According to the Ventura County Star, windtrees have reaped five trees. Predictors also damaged wind up to 65 to 85 km/U (105 km/U to 137 km/u).

Localized flooding trails and fast-circuit lanes while snow is falling to low heights, led to many traffic accidents.

The city of Wrightwood on the east of the San Gabriel Mountains was found by the afternoon 25.5 centimetres of snow.

The famous Palomar observatory in the mountains of San Diego County said it will be closed at least by the weekend due to heavy snowfall.

The storm had overnight tornado warnings in Santa Barbara and Orange provinces when radar rotation indicated in severe thunderstorms. The warnings were later cancelled.

The National Weather Service has said that the heaviest rain has moved east of Los Angeles County before dawn, but it is expected that rain will persist during the day.

LaSardo Sun-reporter Ricardo Torres-Cortez and the Associated Press have contributed to this report.