Damon Dash Accused of Sexual Battery in $50-Million Lawsuit

A photographer accuses the music manufacturer Damon Dash, which Roc-A-Fella plates established with Jay-Z and Kareem “Biggs” Burke of her sexually assaulted in a lawsuit of $50 million submitted in the American district Court on Thursday.

In the charge that TheWrap had received, Monique Bunn, a photographer who is known for her work to shoot hip-hop artists, that Dash hired her in April to do a photo shoot for his fashion company, Poppington, in conjunction with his Damon Dash Studios.

On April 18, after the first day of the shooting, Bunn says she was back to the shared abode of Dash and his partner Raquel Horn. “At the arrival in the Dash-dwelling, Bunn was informed that she remains in Dash’s daughter’s room,” according to the filing.

Later the evening says Bunn that she woke up by Dash, which “placed his hand on Bunn’s breasts” and other parts of her body.

‘ While Bunn slept, Dash Bunn approached and put his hand on Bunn’s breasts and placed hands/fingers on Bunn’s buttocks. Dash did not have the permission or permission to touch the sexual organs of Bunn, “reads the filing. Dash is wearing a garment and has no underwear. Dash drank alcohol all day and was smoking pot. ”

A representative for Dash did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

Bunn’s lawyer, Christopher Brown, said that “Mrs. Bunn is looking forward to making a jury decide on the litigation “in a statement to TheWrap Thursday.

The complaint continues to get “Bunn Dash’s hands from her breasts and buttocks,” and that Bunn told Dash that she would fight against him. Dash leaves the room. Bunn says stayed in Dash’s house and “did not slept the evening. “

Bunn accused Dash also that he falsely claimed that he had an agreement with LAWV ‘ to make documents based around Bunn’s life, to keep ‘ Bunn ‘ on the assault.

Horn is also nominated in the complaint, along with Dash, Poppington LLC and Damon Dash Studios, which she accused together of theft by conversion and negligent emotional distress.

Bunn told that several of her possessions after the shooting were never returned to her, including pictures of celebrities, including Mary J. Blige, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Mase, Quincy Jones, Teddy Riley, Lil Kim, The fuspirit, Missy Elliot, Xscape, Lenny Kravitz, Lyor Cohen, Russell Simmons, Lauryn Hill, KRS One, Outkast, LL Cool J, Q-Tip, The Beatles and President George Bush.