According to the airline, 100 people were on board and that some survived.

Kasakstan plane crash: 14 killed In Ak Air-quick to go off that lughawe Almaty

35 people who were injured on the airplane with 100 as visuals, show emergency services that have bestin ruins for survivors

Police and rescuers work on the site of the Bek Air plane crash near Almaty International Airport, Kazakhstan

A plane with 100 people crashed to the airport Almaty in Kazakhstan and killed at least 14 people.

On Friday morning the airport Almaty said there are survivors and emergency workers are on site. Footage of the accident scene showed that the plane collided with a building.

The aircraft, flight number Z92100, had 95 passengers and 5 crew members. Emergency services combined by the debris immediately after the accident.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev undertook to give families of the victims compensation and to tweet that those responsible, according to the law, would be severely punished.

Tokayev also said that a government commission was established to investigate the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

That Bek Air-quick was on its way from Almaty, that largest city in Kazakhstan, after that country’s prime valacity of Nursultan.

This is the case at 07:22 plaaslike tyd departure.

The Civilian Aviation Committee of Kazakhstan said in a statement the aircraft lost “during the takeoff and broke through a concrete fence” before he hit a small building.

According to the Committee, 14 people were killed and wounded more than 35.

A Reuters reporter who travels to the airport said there is thick fog in the area. Flight Radar 24 said at the time of the takeoff there was manure and was the air temperature-9C, with very little wind.

Beak Air operates a fleet of Photif 100 jets. The Aviation committee said that he suspends all flights of those kinds of aircraft pending an investigation.

‘ Those responsible will be imposed criminal punishment according to the law, ‘ said the KAZAKSE President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev tweeted and condolences to the victims and their families.