10 Things That Still Don't Make Sense In HBO's Watchmen (Even If You Read The Comic)

The Watchmen of HBO was an amazing television series who paid tribute to the original comic, but it still left fans confused.

The Watchmen of HBO was a fantastic follow-up on Alan Moore’s original strokiesprentreeks. We are honestly not tired of singing the praise of the program. It’s so good. Some aspects of the show, however, remain clouded from our comprehension. Even readers of the original comic can become a bit confused about the way the world works in HBO’s Watchmen.

But funny enough is a part of the great draw of Watchmen how things inexplicably go. The mystery is just a part of the fun. Read on if you want to know about ten things that don’t make sense in HBO’s Watchmen, even if you’re an avid fan of the comic.

10. Search Glass

Looking Glass has become a fan-favorite character in HBO’s Watchmen, and a big reason for it was due to its calm, although faceless, behavior during the debriefing. In this room, Looking Glass could wash out with his sheer eyes or lie a suspect or not. While someone with diligent surveillance skills probably can tell a liar of a diviner, viewers are still skeptical. How can he know so immediately when someone lies to him? Plus, would his vision behind his mask not be concealed? How on earth can he see pupils expanding underneath?

9. Family Tree Technology

In Alan Moore’s comic as well as in the HBO series, the technology is incredibly advanced thanks to the existence of Dr Manhattan. He boosted the way things work, and although the television series in the future is even further instituted, the consequences of Manhattan’s influence are still visible. However, the process of point A to point B is confusing. Take for example the technology used to determine Angela’s pedigree. We don’t know how it was invented. Something like that never appeared in the comic. All we know is that it worked to detect Angela’s family origins.

8. The appearance of the Millennium clock

Once we’ve heard that Lady Trieu is building something that is built a Millennium Clock, the hairs are on the neck of our necks. We know a possible thunderday device if we see one. Yet what doesn’t make sense is the reason she would construct it in such a clear and conspicuous way.

7. Oil fantoortations

After Angela had almost an overdose on her grandfather’s Nostalgia pills, viewers were treated with a shocking glimpse of her ‘ treatment ‘. It turns out that Angela, to reduce the effects of the mental pills, with an elephant, one after a vein, had to be fastened. Yes, we get the symbolism behind it all. The memory of an elephant is referred to without no reason when it is about remembering events. But we are still completely unclear about the process of transferring oil-making body fluids into a person. Angela’s horror and confusion fit our own.

6. Create Life on Europe

Dr Manhattan’s capabilities are clear of divine dimensions. We do not doubt that he could create life on the distant moon of Jupiter, Europe. Alan Moore’s comic even indicates that he intended to create life at the end of it. However, if we see life being born during Ozymen’s tenure in Europe, we are being scratched on the head. Produces the clones that built Manhattan not alone? Are they cultivated in the dam, as it appears when Ozyman’s fetuses from beneath the surface? And if that is the case, Holy Moly, made Dr Manhattan a insane life cycle.

5. Adrian Veidt’s Not-So-Secret Safe

Lady Trieu unveiled at the end of the season that she is the daughter of Adrian Veidt, also known as Ozymen’s. Her mother stole a monster sperm from Ozyman’s vault without knowing it. The knowledge that Lady Trieu is the biological heir of Adrian Veidt was not too surprising. (There were many similarities in their personalities.) But so many things in this situation don’t make sense as a reader of the comic. Why did Adrian sperm seal in a safe? Why wouldn’t he monitor the room where it was held? How and why did he hired people to come to Karnak after his master plan was taken out?

4. Cryo Paint

One of those best revelations from HBO se Watchmen was miskien that fact that Ozymandias on that earth was vir that most of that show. This was a big surprise. Trieu pick up hom from Europe after sy unwilling lead there, freeze swell with gold/bronze paint and plaas sy statue in her garden.

3. Hypnotechnology used by Cyceope

Hypnosis is not like what it usually looks like in movies and TV series. It is almost impossible to hypnotize a unwilling person. This does not hinder that popculture popularize hypnosis technology. Even HBO’s Watchmen has not been released from this trend. Cyclops, the Secret Society of white supremacists that was discovered by Hooded Justice, used this technology against people of color in the show. It is abominable, but nonsense. That may not happen at all, but for the sake of the story, we can allow it.

2. Manhattanes Powers In An Egg

Watchmen, from Alan Moore’s original to the new show, is about symbols. Items often appear like smiley faces and watches to bring home the point that is trying to reach the story. In HBO’s Watchmen, eggs are the item you need to beware of. In the seasonfinals, Dr Manhattan conveys its forces in an egg that could consume Angela and thus take up its abilities. It was a mystical and exciting conclusion, but confusing. We can’t find out how Manhattan could do it. The original comic never gave an indication that he could do it.

1. Lube Man’s existence

The biggest secret of the show on which the comic could not prepare us was the inclusion of Lube Man. This strange clad person spy on Angela Abar near a thoroughfare, and when she tried to arrest him, he fled. His use of oil to slide and slide into a sewer has given him the moniker of ‘ Lube Man ‘. His existence is declared at no single point. (Although online resources did reveal its possible identity.) People might have wondered if Lube Man was a reference to the original comic. As readers of the said comic, we can assure you that he is not. We are just as confused as you are.