Netflix keeps Christmas alive (so to say) with a delivery to the holidays on Thursday, 26 December: A Killer new season of YOURS.

Dissolve based on Loxian Bodies, the second novel in Caroline Kepnes’s series about serial killer Joe Goldberg, displaces YOU ‘ second season the blevenous book worm from New York to Los Angeles in the hope of making a new start.

For Season 1, New York was an important role in the narration of this love story – and when I say ‘ love story ‘, it’s obviously a bit in quotes, ‘ tell the executive manufacturer Gamble to TVLine. There is a very special romantic feeling that occurs in New York as a young person. You are young, free, you’re struggling and trying to find a spirit of generation. Los Angeles is a completely whole atmosphere. I have lived here since I was 16, and one of the classic things about life in LA is that you are surrounded by former New Yorkers who hate it here. So we started the writers ‘ space for season 2 by being like, ‘ Joe moved to LA and he hates it completely. Let’s talk about how much fun it is. ‘”

But secrets don’t always be buried, and old habits – unlike Joe’s growing list of victims – tend to die. And together with Joe’s new location, a new group of individuals who will find themselves better or (usually) more in its orbit. From a new love interest to an old flame back from the ‘ dead ‘, we have the complicity of all who will meet you as Joe (or is it will?) In the City of Angels West will unleash.