As customary, the festivities will deliver extra loved young men’s stories on TV screens in a wonderful animated format.

These twelve months contain Mimi and the Bergdragon of Michael Morpurgo, who introduced BBC One as part of their Christmas series.

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Here’s every little thing it’s worth to know…

When is Mimi and the mountain dragon on TV?

CONFIRMED: Mimi and the Bergdragon will take Thursday 26 December (Boxing Day) to BBC at about 20.20 on BBC One to arrive at the corner.

What will Mimi and the Mountain Dragon go?

The charming story is ready within the mountains of Switzerland, the place where a frightening dragon lives and the inhabitants of a small village below scare. Nevertheless, if a younger lady finds a children’s dung in her wooden barn, she decides to take up the hard journey on the mountain to give it back to his mother.

Who cares about the specific?

The difference will be determined by classical music composed by Rachel Portman, who obtained an Oscar award for her work for the 1996 comedy Emma. The music is carried out by the BBC’s Philharmonic Orchestra using The Hallé ‘s choral singers.

Meanwhile, the animation is based on authentic illustrations by the young author Emily Gravett.

Mimi and the Bergdragon were under the impression of a visit to Switzerland, who did Morpurgo a few years before, and it seems as if he would give a quick introduction at the start of the person concerned.

He said, in an announcement, ‘ I saw in the Engadine Valley in Switzerland town children in red hats, saw sweeptalk, to see domes ringing, drums, and create a huge cacophony of noise as they marched through the town. I asked why this happened. They’ve chased bad spirits, I said. So start my story of Mimi And The Mountain Dragon. ”

Mimi and the Mountain Dragon will run 25 minutes long.