Shanghai (AFP)-an undertaking managed by Bruce Lee’s daughter, Sue a Chinese quick food chain because they allegedly have used an image of the film stars of the late Vegsportarts without permission.

Bruce Lee Enterprises of Shannon Lee accuses the restaurant chain Kungfu Catering Management that she has been using her father’s image in a logo for 15 years without paying intellectual property rights.

The food chain answered on Thursday by saying that the logo was long approved by Chinese authorities.

“We are confused that we are being persecuted many years later. We study the matter and prepare to respond to it, “the company said in a statement placed on the Twitter-like Weibo-platform of China.

According to the Chinese Internet portal, Shannon Lee asked the food chain to stop using the image of her father, 90 days successively to explain that it has nothing to do with Bruce Lee, and compensation of 210 million yuan ( To pay US $30 million).

The Guangzhou-based restaurant chain known as Real Kung Fu (Zhen Gongfu in Mandarin) was founded in 1990. Since 2004 the logo has a picture of a dark head man in an kung fu post that looks like Bruce Lee.

According to the Chinese media, the founder of the chain has more than 600 shops across the country with a total asset value of more than five billion yuan.

It was last year among the top ten fast food enterprises in China on the list issued by the China Cuisine Association.

The official website has shown that Bruce Lee Enterprises is in Los Angeles to conduct merchandise and licensing the image of Bruce Lee.

Shannon Lee, who took over the business at her mother, was involved in the preservation of the heritage of her father for two decades.