The Kung fu icon, Bruce Lee, ‘s daughter, Shannon Lee, submitted a lawsuit in Shanghai in which she was remunerated 210 million yuan ($30 million) by a restaurant chain that her father had used as a logo.

According to the filing, Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC took the issue to the Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court. In addition to the demand of financial compensation, the Kungfu restaurant chain was also asked to stop using Bruce Lee’s image, to publish a statement on Mediasentrums over 90 consecutive days to clarify that they did nothing with Bruce Lee and Paid the fair legal costs of 88.000 yuan. ($12.590). Shannon Lee is the legal representative of Bruce Lee Enterprises.

Guangzhou Real Kungfu Catering Management Co., Ltd., which trades as Kungfu and is known under the Chinese as “Real Kung Fu “, is a restaurant chain already founded in 1990 and headquartered in Guangzhou, province Guangdong. It sells a steamed ramekins with different meat and has over 600 restaurant locations nationwide. Interestingly enough, the logo and trademarks thereof seem like the iconic attitude of Bruce Lee, and Chinese clients have long been thinking that it is somehow a licensed restaurant chain of the estate Bruce Lee.

Now the court case shows that it seems not to be licensed at all by Bruce Lee Enterprises, which amazes many Chinese people. According to records, the restaurant chain is initially the name “168 Steamed Fast Food Restaurant ” and “Seed Double Food. ” It was later renamed to “Real Kung Fu ” After his founder hired a Veteraanbemarkingsmaatskappy to rebuild his brand in 2004.

However, Cai Dabiao, one of the founding members of the Kungfu restaurant, refused the marketing company’s advice to contact the heirs of Bruce Lee for a licence agreement. “They knew that they used the incidence of Bruce Lee and wrote it in their logo registration documents, but by doing so without touching with the Bruce Lee Estate, it is a exploitation of bad allegiance, and it infringes on Lee’s interests and rights, “wrote Ye ‘ lawyer of Bruce Lee Enterprises, said Wednesday to the blogger Entertainment Theory.

“Their success is an inspirational story; Their success, however, is also based on a 15-year-old infringement, “she added. After consultation with the company Jackie Chan on the acceptance fee of Chan as reference, Bruce Lee Enterprises calculated the damage on 210 million yuan, which is 15 million yuan per annum for 15 years.

But the restaurant chain Kungfu said they were confused. According to a statement released by Thursday morning to respond to this new legal dispute, the company said that they do not want to comment on this pending case and will wait for the pronunciation of the court. But this indicates that the series of trademarks were registered and strictly investigated and approved by the Trademark Office under the State Administration for industry and trade.

“We have been using the trademarks for 15 years and have encountered legal disputes years ago. But there was no administrative or legal conclusion and verdict to pen us as a perpetrator, ‘ reads the statement, “the fact that we are being sued after so many years. is confusing for us. We study the matter and prepare us for the court. ‘

According to previous reports, Shannon Lee in 2010 tried to sue the Kungfu restaurant chain, but after the Trademark Office had reacted in a letter in which he admits that Bruce Lee and his English name have the rights of his heirs to develop and exploit, There was no follow up. Shannon Lee has since 2010 gradually regained all rights and trademarks of her father and films in the United States and many other countries, and she wants to build a global Bruce Lee brand by integrating all the Bruce Lee-related resources. It’s still to see if she can nail the Kungfu restaurant chain this time.

This year, Bruce Lee’s 79ste birthday as he survived. He was featured in many projects, such as the current film “Ip Man 4 “, where Lee, played by the Hong Kong-actor Danny Chan, working together with his master Ip Man, played by Donnon Yen, in America. This depiction was approved by Shannon Lee.

A mocking depiction of the the late Kung Fu master in Quentin Tarantino’s new film “Once Stratford upon a Time… However, in Hollywood , Lee’s daughter Disturbed, who had unleashed it as a ‘ caricature ‘ and caused an angry cry of Chinese adherents. Shannon Lee has been reported to be complained at the film authorities of China, which prevented the film from being issued in China, despite heavy Chinese investment by the Bona Film Group.