Nadat Sonakshi Sinha se bagasie beskadig is, misplaas IndiGo Airlines nou die sanger Akriti Kakar se bagasie

The singer Akriti Kakar faced harassment due to misplaasde luggage on the airport while traveling on Tuesday from Mumbai to Delhi. The singer complained against Indigo Airlines to the fact that she left one of her suitcases in Mumbai while she landed in Delhi. She further alleges that the suitcases marked “fast forward” were stacked with warm clothes while trembling in the icy cold of Delhi.

Sonakshi Sinha calls out the airline for the abuse of her luggage, saying ‘ You uninterrupted the Unbreakable ‘

Akriti has getwiet: “Jet has closed, Air India is not good. Indigo also acts completely unresponsible! I left my Fast Forward-marked luggage in Mumbai and told me after I ended up in Delhi that the bag was not loaded on the flight! BIG POST @ IndiGo6E. “In A separate tweet, the singer complained: ” Get for my luggage ASAP to Delhi @ IndiGo6E! It’s just ridiculous… How can you bring the one bag and leave the others behind! So now in this cold Vriesende Delhi… I have no warmth clothes until my suitcase arrives. Wow. ‘ She also complained that the staff at the airport in Delhi were not very collaborative. ‘ And the staff at the airport of Delhi do not help at all! @ IndiGo6E THEM TO FOLLOW THE PROCEDURE is what they say!!! They simply had to put my suitcase on the right flight on time! Sonakshi Sinha strikes Indigo Airlines, sharing visuals of her broken luggage

The airlines immediately noticed the tweet of the singer and asked her to apologize for the inconvenience. A member of the Indigo staff said: “I am very sorry about this, Ms Kakar.: (We linked your suitcase of Mumbai and will reach you tonight. Also such behaviour of the staff is unacceptable and we make it up to the team concerned immediately. Kritics.

“However, it is not known whether the singer received her suitcases with warm clothes or still trembleth in the icy cold of Delhi, because she has not yet shared anything on Twitter about receiving her suitcases that she has not placed.