Tributes were paid on Tuesday evening to honour ESPN College football reporter Edward Askoff after his sudden death due to a brief illness.

ESPN confirmed his death on Christmas Eve, which also marked Assote’s 34th birthday.

ESPN said in a statement, 0 “We are very sorry to share the sad news of friend and ESPN colleague Edward Essocoff.0 “”He died earlier today, his 34th birthday. Our thoughts are with her loved ones, including her fiancé, Katie.0 “

Assophage had been working at ESPN since 2011, reporting on college football across the country.

ESPN executive editor Lauren Reynolds told him the “One of the smartest, brightest journalists i’ve ever enjoyed working with.0 “

Reynolds told ESPN, 0 “It was a treat to see our co-SEC reporter with Chris Lo grow up with a multiplander national reporter. As a reporter, he was a better person.0 “He always put people first – whose stories he told, and those with whom he had the honour of working.0 “