Arriving in Santa Claus Town, and fans are ready to feel the Christmas spirit. The classic film is due to be aired on ABC on December 24, and fans on Facebook have celebrated one of their favorite holidays celebrating on a special holiday. Fred Astaire as the narrator SD Klugger, special stars of the 1970stop Motion Christmas Television, Mickey Rooney Cringle/Getty Images As Santa Claus, Keenan Wynn Winter Warlock and Paul Frees in different roles.

The film follows the story of how Santa Claus and many traditions associated with him began for the first time.

ABC shared a promo for the iconic Christmas before tonight’s broadcast. The clip was a hit for fans on Facebook, who commented on the post with their love for the classic.

One fan shared, 0 “I’m excited to see it, I like Christmas movies, I’m watching Arthur Christmas right now and then Santa Claus is ahead.0 “

Another fan wrote suggesting linking the network’s holiday lineup, 0 “I’m excited to see it! I wish abc Garfield planted christmas and small trees such as Christmas shows and small shows.0 “

Another user wrote, referring to the classic holiday song, 0 “My family will sing this song to my daughter when she brings her to walk [red heart emoji].0 “

One Twitter user wrote the video showing, 0 “Unless all children appreciate today, unless parents stop using all the gadgets nowadays and disclose it to them. ‘

Santa Claus Kamin to Town was originally broadcast by ABC on December 13, 1970s and aired on the network every year, as well as on network Freeform.

ABC has cut off two major songs and cut some songs in half since its release. ABC Family / Family Freeform has also cut off several scenes in previous broadcasts that may have led young viewers to climb krrish and jump to escape, claiming they want to stop young audiences from doing dangerous stunts.