It’s a Wonderful life! I heard it was a beloved classic Christmas film, but it was never in my home in rotation. We always looked at the always so light-hearted Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, and after the release of eleven. As far as my friends were growing up in the film, they always had mixed reviews, from hate to so much that they had to look at it regularly during the holiday time. So in honour of the holiday time, I decided to let it go and finally look at what all the hype around it was a Wonderful Life.

It is a Wonderful Life following the journey of a young George Bailey from adolescence to adulthood from the perspective of his second class protemixing: Clarence. At the beginning of the film, we come back that George is in trouble and it is up to Clarence to save the day and to finally earn his wings.

So, what do we learn about George Bailey? We learn that George as a child wanted to become an adventurer and when he grew older, he never lost the spirit. George wanted to build infrastructure and travel the world to learn more about it. We also learn that George really cares about the well-being of people when his father died, he decided selflessly to take over the management of his father and give the money he was going to use for the school to his brother, so he could get a training. George also gets in love with a girl named Mary, and even with his astray spirit he decides to go and rest with her. Although he wants to travel the world, he remains in his hometown to ensure that Potter destroy the city he loves. He goes even so far that he forgives his honeymoon to give his money to the city of people to guarantee that they have a roof above their heads when the Great Depression begins. Of course, George gets the temptation of Mr. Potter in the form of a work with a big pay day, but he always remains faithful to his morals and never gives his temptations once.

George is a happy man and even though he has given up his dreams to guarantee the happiness of others, you see him barely succumbing to that sadness until his uncle 8000 dollars from their loans and building-up business and he faces the prospect of being in the TR Go to Ent. He goes home the evening and it is the first time we see George is losing it. He is temperamental with Mary, there are children, and even with their school teacher on the phone. Finally, he left the house to Mr. Go to Potter to ask him for bail and find that his life insurance policy is worth more than he lives. While considering jumping from a bridge, Clarence comes to him and shows him how much he means to this city and George is going home to find that all the residents who pitched to sponsor him are.

So What did I think of the film? I thought it had a wonderful message, no matter what there would always be a light at the end of the tunnel. Certainly that it was camping (and I was a bit confused about George’s business model), but I loved it that he always clung to his morality that never gave in to temptation once. Sure George didn’t live his wildest dreams, he didn’t travel the world or build skyscrapers, but he found happiness just where he was. He found a work that he loved, a woman who loved him, and a family who would persist for generations. I think this film is really a reminder that you should follow Yes, your dreams, but that you should also take a step back and see where you are, what you built and how your actions have affected all the people around you.