ESPN College football reporter Edward Askoff died on his 34 birthday on Tuesday after a battle with pneumonia. ESPN said in a statement, “We were deeply saddened to share the news of the tragic demise of friend and ESPN colleague Edward Assote.0 Only a few weeks ago, on December 5, Esophne tweeted about his illness, writing, 0 “Anyone had multipocal (bilateral) pneumonia in their early 30s because some people never fall ill and have a very good immune system? Two friends am asking for… My lungs. “Ascoff recently reported live from the Ohio State-Michigan game on November 30. He said in an Instagram post two days later that the game was.” It was a lot of fun,”. but 0 “Pneumonia is happening… Not so much. Esoff has been in journalism from the University of Florida after joining ESPN in 2011. He moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to expand his role, including television coverage, and he reported on campuses across the country.

Soon after his death was announced, Twitter was filled with condolences from friends and colleagues. Sports writer Jacques Abolverdi has told his friend “Incredible reporter and even better person0 “Espn executive editor Lauren Reynolds said, 0 “The love and support of those in whose lives they have loved has been strongly supported, and a testament to the light. Brought to this world. “Ashaf and his fiancée Katy Bertau were due to be married in New Orleans in April.