Buyers attending shops to prepare for meals on Christmas Eve ran into a temporary snag at a major supermarket chain.

Frustrated customers took to social media tuesday to report credit cards and debit card outages at Crogar stores, forcing people to use cash for their purchases.

Today’s plastic-oriented, smartphone-driven way to pay food and other shopping items, is creating some bottlenecks across the country.

Company executives for Cincinnati-based Crogar released an update around 2 p.m. EST, saying that “our EBT system was closed for a short time.” It is right now and is working properly. “

In Lexington, Kentucky, a Twitter user tweeted a picture and wrote, “What looks like # Clanger at 1pm on Christmas Eve when the registers go down and only cash is accepted. The man who seemed in charge said it is systemic. But the computers started working properly intermittently. “