Santa Claus has left the North Pole and is once again racing against the clock to gift children around the world before Christmas morning.

As Santa travels to the Globe, the North American Aerospace Defense Command and Google track its movements. To give gifts for Santa, children must be in bed until his stag falls down on the roof, and children can use Narad and Google’s tracking system to make sure they’ve been sleeping for a long time.

According to the search engine, on Monday night, at midnight of the clock, Google launched its tracker. NORAD made its tracker live at 6 am EST a few hours later. Canadian Army Public Affairs Officer, Canadian Army Major Andrew Hennessy told Newsweek that Santa usually starts from the international date line leading west, but he may be affected by the weather from time to time.

Hennessy said Santa is responsible for choosing his way around the world.0 “Santa calls the shots, we track him.0 “

If there are signs of Santa’s 2019 visit last year, he should be around 8:30 p.m. EST in Australia and then around 1 p.m. EST in Russia. Last year, he arrived at the US East Coast at around 10 a.m. EST. His first stop, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, was in the eastern part of South Carolina. By 10:30 p.m., he was in Virginia and then moved north of Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Maine, before moving to Canada.

Santa’s last stop in the United States were cities on the West Coast, and that ended at 3:35 p.m. EST on Christmas morning, according to the Journal-Constitution.

As Hennessy told Newsweek, Santa’s path may vary, so children looking for his rightplace can track him by calling NORAD’s website, social media accounts or 1-877-HI-NORAD or calling Volunteers field calls, and the most popular questions asked to them 0 “Where is Santa?0 and 0 “When is he coming to my house?0 “

“The most important answer our volunteers can give, is the estimated time when Santa will reach that specific home in that city and country, and make sure the child is in bed,”.”The most important answer is the time when Santa will reach that specific home in that city and country.0 “Hennessy said.

For kids who are hoping to track Santa with Google, they can follow up with their journey through the Android mobile application or a dedicated website, Children will be able to see the exact location of Santa, how many miles or kilometers away from their city, and how long it will take for the Christmas crew to get there.

Waiting for Santa’s arrival can be a daunting task for some youngsters, so both Google and NORAD have set up games on their website to help children pass time.