MINNEAPOLIS – For the first time since the US Bank Stadium opened in 2016, Aaron Rodgers didn’t mind the postgame walk on the sideline in the team bus. With the building largely empty after a 23-10 victory over the Vikings, he went out of the dark tunnel to recognize a vocal group of fans in bright light, who called his name from the railing and named him. Then he waved to Green Bay supporters, who called out a field-level suite, a maintenance staffer repaired an archway into the goal line, and signed a memorial football for a young boy behind the end zone.

This moment meant that not only had it taken a long time to come – the Packers and Rodgers never won in the stadium – but also because it gave the Packers their first NFC North title in three years and retained them in it. Hunt for the conference’s No. 1 playoff seed, which they can claim with wins over the loss of Detroit and San Francisco in Seattle on Sunday.

” After a few years the North feels great to go back to the top of winning, “Rhoders said. “It’s great to win at this stadium, where A few years ago I left the field after breaking my collartone. “

There was nothing painful about this experience for Rodgers, except for the first half in which the Packers (12-3) made three turnovers and failed to reach the final zone despite two trips to the red zone. It was enough to shake everyone’s head as Green Bay had only three turnovers all seasons, but the offense provoked it to dominate the second half, and scored touchdowns for 12 and 56 yards from Aaron Jones , which decreased by one point. A doubt-silent victory. Yes, skepticism-silence.

While it may seem reprehensible to doubt a team that was tied for the second-lowest loss in the league in the evening, the Packers were not being mentioned in the same breath as conference powers were in New Orleans, San Francisco and Seattle as they had the signing live There was a lack of t. In his only conference performance with 49 people, he was ousted from 37-8. And when they beat the Chiefs, it happened when 2018 league MVP Patrick Mholmes was sidelined with a knee injury.

For the first time on Monday night, he played a bully role against a quality opponent. Minnesota (10-5) had won eight of 10 and was playing brilliantly from quarterback Kirk Cousins. The title of the split was at stake and a national TV viewer was watching. The questions were how they would perform, especially in a building that was so hostile towards them.

defensive lineman kenny clark said , 0 “I’m pretty sure people will no longer go to sleep on us.0 “If we’re not answering questions anymore…”. “

The sentence did not require finishing. Winning an evening when they had to overcome adversity so quickly made the performance even more impressive than the wire-to-wire root.

First-year coach Matt Leffler probably premiered on Monday, as his message to the morning team was about staying together during difficult times. That said, it’s doubtful that he imagined the Packers losing a defeat on the third play from scrums, throwing an interception on their fourth series and then losing another two thunder.

Worse, Rodgers was not his usual fast self. On a pass he normally closes his eyes, he overthrew fullback Danny Witley to a play-action corner root. He threw Jones a little behind on a flat route, which probably prevented him from walking back from landing first.

To be clear, it was not as if the throw or many others were terrible. It’s just that we’ve come to expect perfection from the Roders, who completed 40 for 216 yards with a touchdown and an interception. He is a victim of his own greatness, hoping the strip is so high that it is ridiculous to think that it can be reached on every game in every game, even if we believe so.

But this year, the roders are facing. It is constantly said that he is not playing at extreme efficiency, which may be the subject of conversation in the media, but finds no traction in the Green Bay locker room.

” I just laugh at it , Davent Adams said, who had 13 receptions for 116 yards. “People comment. They have to write the goods. People need stuff to read and it’s the easy way if a man doesn’t play at his full potential all the time. Obviously we are all human, so at the end of the ideas. The day it will not always be correct. I know he doesn’t worry about it and we don’t even hear or worry about any of that stuff.0 “

The truth is, when his defense is playing the Packers unit as well, Roeger doesn’t have to be perfect. Monday was the fourth consecutive game and the Packers ranked fifth of the last six to keep the opponent of 16 or less points. Through three quarters, he had surrendered a total of 124 yards and limited Kirk Kzins to 90 yards through the air, 28 of which came on a first-quarter touchdown for Stephen Diggs. Incidentally, they will be the last points that they allowed.

Cousins, who is now 0-9 on Monday night in Washington, had no answer for Green Bay because he couldn’t lean into both his top running games, sidelined with injuries. He was forced to rely on consecutive throws or had to check down in the face of sustained durant, mainly from linebacker Zacharys Smith, who had 3.5 sacks, five tackle loss and seven tackles.

It was also for others other than Smith, who convinced the Rodgers that the Packers had some special middle way build-through training camp.

” I could tell that our defense was different; It just had a different feeling,0 “Rogers said.0 “You can see the speed and size and ability. I felt very good about our opportunities on defence. I knew the offense was in progress, but I thought we had it with defence, it was going to give us.0 An opportunity.0 “

Another reason to feel good was the maturity of the running game. Jones and Jamal Williams have given opponents something else to worry about. Load to stop the pass and deal with the results. Open your mouth too wide, and also deal with the results, a lesson Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr taught Jones after verbally taunting Jones after fumbled to start the game.

According to Jones, Barr followed the turnover by saying: 0 “The light is very bright for you. Exit the area. Sorry to you.0 “

Jones said, 0 “It’s definitely going to me, who has run for 339 yards and five touchdowns in his final three games.0 “

In an interesting twist, Jones’ long score came after play when Barr left the field with an injury. It gave Jones 16 reking touchdowns this season, which is the franchise’s three records.

Later in the locker room, the Packers were robbed and beaten. He pose for photos of the group, while division-shampoohats and T-shirts were worn: The North is not inf.

Based on what we saw Monday night, word predictions can prove.