The Toronto Raptors’ winning streak was halted at five in which the Indiana Pacers crashed out with a 120-115 overtime defeat.

Kyle Lowry, who had 30 points at night, left a three-pointer winning potential game for Toronto with 0.9 seconds left as it finished as 107-107 in regulation.

Aaron Holiday killed two three-pointers in the extra five minutes to seal the win, with TJ Warren and Miles Turner scoring top for Indiana with 24.

Nikolo Jock hit a triple-double for the Denver Nuggets in their 113-111 victory over the Phoenix Sun.

The Nuggets won their seventh straight game thanks to Jokik’s contribution, which ended with 22 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists.

Jamal Murray had 3.2 seconds left, the winner, accounting for two of his 28 points.

The Miami Heat improved their home record to 13-1 with a 107-104 victory over the Utah Jazz, while the San Antonio Spurs breezed past the Memphis Grizzlies 145-115.

Ben Seamans had a triple-double for the Philadelphia 76ers in a 125-109 victory over the Detroit Pistons, while the Orlando Magic saw the Chicago Bulls 103-95.

Elsewhere, the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Atlanta Hawks 121-118, the Washington Wizards beat the New York Cavaliers 121-115, the Golden State Warriors won against the Minnesota Timberwolves 113-104, and the Houston Rockets saw the Sacred Kings by the same scorer.