MINNEAPOLIS – No one talks about the Green Bay Packers, and it’s hard not to understand why.

In a regular season dominated by young quarterbacks, the Packers have an old one who can see better days. In a year when we’ve seen effective offenses on the Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints, the Packers are boring and predictable and ninth in scoring among 10 teams who have qualified for the playoffs.

The Packers dared to maintain patience beyond any reasonable measure. When I fell flat against the Los Angeles Chargers, I lost mine around Sandreson, was blown up by the San Francisco 49ers and struggled to beat the likes of the Carolina Panthers, New York Giants and Washington Redskins.

But here they are. The Packers 0 “Ugly0 Made the game winning season. They’ve won 12 of them — as many NFL teams as this side of Ravana has won — and it’s getting harder to ignore them.

The Packers, after all, did not secure the NFC North title with a 23-10 victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Monday. According to ESPN’s Football Power Index, along with home-to-house advantage in the NFC playoffs, he put himself in good position for the first-round playoff and gave him a good chance – 30%.

It is not out of the question that the Super Bowl route will pass through The Lambo Field.

“It’s too good or stressed on dominating this way,” Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. “But0 “It doesn’t matter how we accomplish it until we complete it.0 “

Monday night was definitely right. Rodgers finished with his seventh all-40 performance of the season with a 36.8 total quarterback rating. The Packers followed up to 2:03 and remained in the third quarter. He gifted the Vikings all 10 of his points through turnovers, and coach Matt Laffer refused to abandon plans to set Aaron Jones back. His patience was rewarded, even if he tortured the audience of the game. Jones’ race production grew every quarter, and he had 109 yards and two touchdowns after a 154-yard game interruption.

It certainly helps that the Packers’ defense scrapped the Vikings’ offense line and restricted them to 57 rush yards and seven first downs, their lowest total in a home game since 1971. If you want to be a snack, you will notice. The Vikings were missing their top two tailbacks, Dalvin Cook and Alexander Mattison, and that quarterback Kirk Cousins stumbled by his usual Monday night setback. Even though the Packers left David Bakhtiari, he said, 0 “Our defense kept us in the game and left us for fours.0 “

Bakhtiari said, 0 “Our identity has changed.0 “I think everyone around us is used to a high-powered offense that’s going to lighten the scoreboard. But we are a balanced team.0 “

Twelve wins in 15 regular-season games, by definition, is a winning formula for the Packers. There is a fine line between being balanced and being lightly capable from both sides, and the Packers have straddled that line for most of the season. But most of his players joked monday night with shirts in the locker room, which read, 0 “The answer is not enough.0 He argued that victory in immaculate fashion has created a war-tested team that is designed for a deep playoff race.

Kicker Mason Crosby, who has been playing in every Packers playoff game since 2007, said he has no doubt that the team has some of the best teams of franchisees.

He said, 0 “We are one of the teams that seek the way to victory.0 “We have some unfortunate, when we could not play our best, this team performed their best. But this team has a passion and energy, which is difficult to describe. I see some of our good teams here, and we. Just that kind of X factor, the thing that tells you that whatever game we play, we can find a way to win. “

It’s one thing to find a way to defeat the Panthers or Redskins or Giants – or even a Vikings team playing without one of their best players. But can the Packers beat 49TH WA, Saints or Sehavks in the playoffs?

Everyone has an opinion, and here’s mine: they can’t do this by following Monday’s formula. An opponent with a running game needs a defense to get out that holds a high-end offense at bay. It’s true that the Packers had 15 or fewer points per game to their last four opponents, but those opponents included the No. 31 scoring offense (Redskins), No. 30 (Bears), No. 19 (Giants) and Vikings. Without Cook and Mattison.