Today is a national holiday. December 23, of course, is festive. If you’re not familiar, you’ve made some life choices that we have to talk about. There is no excuse to watch every episode of Sinfield in this day and age. Whether you were enough to watch it in real time or are young enough to remember completely, you can now watch a replay of every episode on any streaming service on demand or turn on TBS any day other than Christmas Eve and it’s 24 The hour is on a day.

But, if you’ve missed some way, here’s a quick iteration. According to Wikipedia:

Festives is a secular holiday celebrated on December 23 as an alternative to the Pressure and Professionalism of the Christmas season. Originally created by author Daniel O’Keefe , the seinfeld episode of 1997 was ” not the same . “The Strike0 After being focused on [1][2], Fesquius entered popular culture, co-written by O’Keefe’s son, Dan O’Keefe.

The celebration of the non-commercial holiday, as depicted on Senfeld, occurs on December 23 and a Festivus dinner, a plain incorporated aluminum Festivus pole, such as 0. “Complaints practices as broadcasts of 0 and 0 “Amazing of strength0 “, and easily explain the labeling 0 “Festive miracle”. As events. [3] This episode means 0 “A celebration for the rest’s is.

Not entirely certain how it works yet? We have taken care of you.

Got it? Good

We start with the annual telecast of complaints. We people had a lot of problems with you and now you’re hearing about it!

JP: Somehow, I’ve become resident optimist. I don’t know how it happened. When I started writing here more than three years ago, I presented the idea of overreaction Monday because I knew that my mind would be completely eliminated with the coaching staff at the water cooler on Monday morning. Now I often act as the voice of reason, pointing upwards while the rest you are disturbed by the performance.

Now is not!

It is festive. It is a telecast of complaints. And I was holding it all up!

Let’s start with Brian Ferretz. Mate, the aim of the game is to score more points than your opponent. I know I’m trying to stabilize the ship on this restless water, but you’ll help a brother. Is it just that when the defense gets you the ball inside the opponent’s territory? I meant to come!

And fullback. We love fullback. Fullbacks are old-school football. But why do they exist in this crime? I mean, go ahead and be on the 1-2 roster and use them 5-10 times a game, but never give a ball for God’s love. Ever.

Audibles. Oh audible. Why are we the only team on earth that doesn’t check in nearby plays? And if we’re not going, can you coach at least one coach so we can see that we just check a pass by talking to receivers instead of line and back? It’s not rocket science!

Now Frank, don’t think you’re coming off without any scandal. Buddy, we were asking for small ball, small rotation and quick guard for ten years. You eventually got forced into the first 1/3 of this year and see the results.

Take results and turn them into your process. 4 and 5 star kids, or leave focusing their recruitment efforts on kids flying in it. Get yourself athletic on tall errands and lock them quickly. You can teach them to shoot when they meet on campus, but you cannot teach people to be fast and obviously you cannot teach them to play defence.

Stop hockey options and play your 8-9 best players. Period. It creates harmony and you’ll know who has a hearing to fight for minutes and who has to walk away.

And stick with the small ball. Your team is at their best performance when they meet people to defend. This means protecting the opposing guard. It has been a pleasure to see the team because after that a lot of people are getting it and there are a lot of people who can handle the ball. We all love Luca Garza and he works this team, but college hoops are a guard game and you have to run 3-4 of them at a time.

Where is holy sh*t, tillenol?

DC: I found a problem with you guys, and now you’re going to hear about it! Listen, I love you all so much. Despite another year without the Big Ten Championship playing appearance, this year you’ve enjoyed experiencing with everyone. It is being said, it is time that we have a little conversation. Hate Week is fun, I look forward to it every year, but after the game, it’s time to move on. We need not bring ourselves down from the level of our younger brothers in AIIMS. They’re going to try to entrap us into fights with ridiculous stats. Leave them! They have to do those things to feel good about themselves because they can’t win where it matters most. It also leads to our neighbors on the west side. When their blogs publish explicit trolling posts, don’t engage! We are better than that! The Hawkes beat these teams year after year and year after year, when our rivals tried to engaging us in childish arguments, we had to retreat. Stop that! After all, stop fighting among ourselves on what we want for the moving programme. It is okay to celebrate and believe what Kirk Ferretz has done, and it is equally fine to experience those heights and to constantly demand high performance. Iowa has shown the ability to hang with the upper ladder in college football and want to do so consistently. They play, they win, and even have close losses that make college football fun and it’s okay to expect more of it.

Jerry Sherwin: I have been here at this point for many years here/from many years. I’m podcasting and I think I write about the same problem I have every year… The Iowa Athletic Department and the boring, corporate office environment that he has established and continued to protect year after year at Carver Hawkeye Arena. I was an original member of hawkes nest. Paula Jantz and Gary Barta (among others) have meetings somewhere in several group sessions where we told them carver was n “Mad Again0 To create, they need to give students the opportunity to change the environment, while McCaffrey has changed the product before us. There is a simple trial run behind the bench which we have asked. If they made it, we would ask the students to come. We will set the tone for the whole building. The camera will show how passionate we were and even more people would like to make a long trek from dorm and apartment to separate from that environment. If you prepare it, we will come.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Can’t be. Donors. Money. Your seats in the corner. Do that work. Maybe we’ll give you a rough head. Do you think students will get to come?

It was a decade ago and nothing has changed now. I hate to defeat this dead horse, but my God is boring to watch iowa games. And it shouldn’t be! We have an All-American center, a great mix of talent playing well from the expectations set on them and a fun style of offense that blows up and down the court. Throw one of the most animated coaches in college basketball and all of Iowa and this place shouldn’t be worse than a library. Obviously, the athletic department is not going to do anything about it. So I won’t bother with them. Instead, this year, my issue will be directed at the donors who fill those seats. You’re getting them! I know all of you and complain about the environment. But when I’m watching you all on TV and sitting on your hands, I can’t help you, but name you!

Doug: When it comes to hawkies games, I honestly don’t complain much. I am now at an age where victory is fun and defeat is no longer something that gives me work. I still love that I get ready for big games, but the loss may be compensated 20 years ago. I want to see more media coverage and easier access (television) for football and men’s basketball besides a few sports. Watching all Iowa wrestling should be mandatory television and it would be nice to be able to watch more baseball, women’s basketball and other Iowa events more often on the Big Ten network. One final point would be that the media would be more inclined to ask and then their questions would be answered in a non-indulgent, veritable manner. I think some beat writers won’t ask tough questions, especially around the football program, because they think they’ll be shocked in the future if they do. Everyone wanted to know why Oliver Martin did not see the field much this season after working so hard to qualify him after his transfer from Michigan. This question was asked a couple of times and Brian Ferretz never responded that was half-satisfactory. If the answer was that he didn’t work hard enough or was not yet a strong blocker, so be it. Answer questions honestly and correctly and there will be more credibility down the line. You have this, I don’t have much to complain about in long-lasting paragraphs. Rest of us wish them festive wishes!