Netflix’s answer to Game of Thrones is finally here, and now that I’ve screened the first season of The Sikar (the full eight episodes that are streaming now) I want to get one thing out of the bat correctly. HBO has to force its writers to lock in a room and sit down and even think of subjecting us to the upcoming Game of Thrones before hurling the show. Also, if they know what’s good for them, they’ll also open this network’s checkbook and payments Witcher showrunner Lauren Schmidt needs to explain any amount of Hissrich money to switch her teams. Because it’s clear he needs listeners that have throts, and feel very close to his new hot-anticipated show series that so many people wanted to be thrombosis.

Netflix provided the first five episodes of The Witcher for us for review, and I already find it very enjoyable – as much as I’ve ever enjoyed the show that this new series would be compared against every piece of writing. With Game of Thrones, my usual emotions range from shock to shock surprise, ranging (the goriest bits), while I was also absorbed by ever-epic moments at the time and angst when writers tried to put lipstick on that fat, muddy pig of fat, a final season. A wide variety of emotions, but there are straight-straight0 “Bliss0 Not a lot of.

Which brings us into this new series, based on a series of The Witcher Fantasy novels and short stories of Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. As I see it, it will be easy for fans to enjoy here for a few reasons, including:

For one thing, pacing. There is an easy-to-follow, mostly tight narrative. You are not jumping around every five minutes to catch up with 100 characters in the show. Here’s a main trio to learn: Geralt of Rivia, for white-haired monster hunters. The beautiful sorceress of Weingberg is Yenifer, a very powerful grain that is still learning to the full extent of his power. And Princess Ciri of Cintra, who is royal and has her own magical powers.

Writing the story of those three characters as a kind of family of types who are brought together by happenstance is one thing that has attracted Hissrich (who has also worked on high profile shows like This Witcher for the West Wing, Daredevil and Umbrella Academy). For me, the idea of writing a story about a broken family, an adopted family who doesn’t necessarily want to be together but forced to live together and learn what life means with each other in it – which made me very excited “She told me when I recently interviewed her.”She told me. “So from there, I saw this world and said, great. I can write that story. I can write the story of a broken family, and then I can put really talented writers who have more experience than monsters and magic. Again, I think I can judge the show. “

Speaking of monsters and magic, it’s a fantasy franchise, so all the important boxes are checked here. The audience will be treated with both harmless and evil magical creatures; fencing and all-round fighting, often with a throne-like degree of barbarism and violence; the complexity of politics in this country, called the continent; mages die to control the world; romance (and, speaking on it, an abundance of scenes depicting female anatomy – again, a la throne); Comic Relief, as a bard, sings the QC-themed song we quoted at the top of this review; A narrative that drives the imaginary line but not stuff; And the good-versus-wicked dynamic at the core of the series is very easy to follow.

Both Yenifer and Giri have been presented as strong female characters, thankfully the way the throws don’t have to go through the kind of anguish to feel through their female characters again. Hisrick explained, “The biggest story is that what I created actually meets Yenfer and Siri before meeting Geralt.0 In the books, Geralt is our lens through which the rest of the world is filtered. So, you are on a trip to Gerrault and Yennfer kind of comes from the side.

“For me, I wanted to know who he was before he met Geralt. And there are many things in the books that depend on it. We participated those examples together in the books, and then we made that story to the present. “

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Geralt impressed me in such a way that I was surprised. She’s a solid enough actor, but her earlier performances in feature films like Man of Steel… I meant, they were fine, but I could never forget that I was watching Henry Cavill play something. However, in my opinion, he is doing an admirable job in the role of a mutant monster hunter, expressing an intriguing mix of humanity, exhaustion, strength, a little bit of humor, and when it is called, thanks to the ever-present blade.

In the early moments of the series, we are introduced to him as he bursts from underwater, trying to kill a giant spider-looking monster whose deadly, sharp tent is flowing around. Geralt finally kills it. Drenched, he walked back to the ground – up to a shudder edifiable, which is bloody and remembering a leg that was bitten by one of the monster’s flowing limbs. “Today is not your day, is it?0 He tells the injured little man, before being trampled by an inn.

Before pressing play and trying out this new Netflix property, Cavill might be worth it to listen to the entire series in this 60-second clip: