Her name is not Yoda, and she is just like a child, but the Mandalorian character who has been dubbed baby Yoda, and officially 0 “The Child’s Called, which is the breakout star of the Newsish Disney Plus streaming service. Very good for a character whose name and species we can never know.

So what do we know about the little crater called Baby Yoda? Let’s gather a FAQ.

What exactly is that?

He is a species like Yoda, the JD Grand Master first introduced in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back. The problem is, the species of Yoda never got any name or backstory. They are just small green aliens who are extremely sensitive. Star Wars creator George Lucas has always kept Yoda and his ilk somewhat mysterious, adding to the fan interest.

Where is he from?

Someday we can find out, but not yet. In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker meets Yagada on the marshy planet of Dagoba, but he is in exile there, it is not considered the world of his home. Mandorian called The Child, aka Baby Yoda, arwala-7 on a desert planet, which looked a lot like Luke’s childhood home. There is no indication that there are very few things around, so perhaps its species does not even have a domestic world.

Are there some more of them?

A female creature of this species, Yadel, was part of the Jedi Council in Star Wars: The Phantom Mens. And another male, Minch, appeared in comics. And we have no idea whether the child belongs to Yoda, or Yadal, or even the minech, but maybe eventually we’ll know. So far, it’s a small species – maybe they’re all 23 and on the site of my ancestors.

Is he also one?

It’s not certain how they verified it, but The Child is male, at least Dr. According to The Parsing (Omid Abhi), the child who has repeatedly n “Him’s As refers.

Is he really a kid?

He is 50 years old, an infant of this species, who enjoys an exceptionally long lifetime, at least by human standards. Yoda trained the Jd for 800 years, eventually died peacefully at the age of 900 years in the return of the Jedi in 1983. He still shows up as a ghost phantom, though, to give advice and help the characters in need.

What are his powers?

So far, The Child has displayed super-excellent force sensitivity, which allows it to leverage objects, and possibly many other things that work when Mando is supported against a wall. (Although he is still young – a pottery creature made him tired and put him to sleep.) Yoda was also a very lightbuster champion, so he would probably make him out someday. But Yoda had the centuries to practice.

There’s something inside The Child that evolutioners want and think they can remove (yikes) – perhaps the infamous MIDI-chlorine that allow the force to detect?

So he’s in danger again?

Yes, he is in danger. The title character, Mandorian (Pedro Pascal), an inamdar hunter, was sent out to find him and turn him on for that creepy extraction, but Mando turned into a daddy motif and now he is protecting the child. Let’s hope the little man’s own powers are improving day by day, so he can help save his lovely green skin.

What else?

He eats soup, and maybe frogs.

He is excellent in hide-and-seek.

He was playing with a metal shift knob from The Mando’s ship even until he is as curious as any child.

The character is mostly a puppet, but sometimes some CGI is used. His voice 0 according to Lucasfilm’s sound designer Matthew Wood. “Sound design vocal talent of baby samples, bat-ear foxes, kinkjos, and Dave Accord0 Comes from.

He trends more on social media than Democratic presidential candidates.