Spoiler Alert: We’t Have Michael Bay’s New Netflix Action Movie0 “6 Underground0 “Some are discussing more over-the-top. If you haven’t seen it yet and want to be surprised, stop reading now

Filmmaker Michael Bay has employed long-lasting slow-motion impacts to emphasize accidents, explosions and gunfire in his bombing films. but his new netflix movie 0 “6 Underground0 In (now streaming on Netflix and in select cinemas), he takes things up a notch: pop in slow motion and hunt birds.

About a billionaire inventor (starring by Ryan Reynolds) Bay throws onscreen at what other madness in his film that suffers his own death and recruits others to recruit in an attempt to unload a dictator?

We have limited this list to six wild moments that occur during the R-rated, two-hour film.

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Of course there are explosions. This is a Michael Bay movie, after all!

#1. There’s a slow-motion zit-popping death

Here’s all you need to know about all thatn “6 underground0 Know about the plot: Six people, including Reynolds (who encourage everyone to remain nameless), join forces to coup, and in the process many people are killed who are very clearly spoiled capital B because there is no nuance in this film. There is no difference. Bad guys are pushed from high-rise buildings, and stabbed by things that have fallen from the said buildings. Or they are shot slow by our heroes (Mélanie Laurent as a former CIA operative and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as a hitman), when they’re urinating, having a popping or having ….

Other things that Bay has decided to give slow treatment: birds hunting and walking pups that are barely missed by the car of gateway driver Dave Franco, who performs several congregations around the Ferdinando Eye statue in Florence , where the film is inaugurated is a 20-minute action scene. Set.

Ryan Reynolds at the New York premiere of "6 Underground," looking pretty good for a guy who grapples with a human eyeball.

#2. Ryan Reynolds has an eyeball that still has a muscle attached

While chasing that car, Reynolds laid the goi ibel of the bed, which Laurent kicked out. It still has a muscle attached, which probably makes it difficult to catch, and Reynolds drops it from Franco’s foot to the driver while he is running fast. The eyeball for Reynolds remains intact for a long time, obviously using it to hack something in his phone. During this process, the re-stampede car is still circling and moving fast.Surgery takes place in the back of a racing getaway car

Corey Hawkins, Adria Arjona, Ben Hardy, Ryan Reynolds, Melanie Laurent and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo make up the mysterious six agents in "6 Underground."

#3. Another thing that happens in Franco’s neon green vehicle:

The team doctor (Adria Arjona) works by removing a pill from Laurent. Reminder: Franco is driving to dodge armed opponents, and at one point, Laurent stepped out of mid-surgery to destroy a group of people with a machine gun. When Arjun eventually grabs the bullet with tweezers, the blood (you guess it) shoots on his face – slow.

#4. A man casually runs a famous cathedral and does the slide

When we first meet Ben Hardy’s good man, he stands atop the historic cathedral of Dumo, Florence. Oh, you need him to come down? No matter what. He can just run and slide smooth siding. And then jump into neighboring buildings.

Know how else do we know we are in Florence? The car stops for a moment to praise David. But then, Reynolds said, the car has hit Apollo and Daphne! However, that famous Bernini statue is actually located in Rome. Oops.

#5. A sniper’s bullet saves a drowning man

As a separate Kill-a-Badis-e-U-Cain mission, Hardy finds himself shrouded in a rooftop pool in a Hong Kong building, unable to surface as he will be seen and shot. When he keeps his breath underwater for 1 minute and 20 seconds, his sniper teammate (Corey Hawkins) gets an idea of this: he will shoot in the pool in such a way that Hardy will have a hole to reach oxygen.

Later, Hawkins holed up a lot in the pool to flood inside the building and force the good boy to hang through the roof lights as many people have been swept to his death.

#6. The people are magnetised on one side of the boat. Then another. This includes knives.

Reynolds’ enigmatic fake-dead rich man is actually in magnets. And so he eventually crafts a dangerous magnet that can catch bad friends (in any way hero immunization) in the left and right interior of a giant boat in Turkistan. (That location, in real life, was now a province in Pakistan. In this film, it is a fictional Middle Eastern country, pronounced differently by every actor, and where a wicked dictator reigns. Reynolds does use your phone to activate. Magnets, which also catch knives. You can guess what happens next.